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Vegan Barbecue Series: Vegetables, Sides and Salads

If you read or listened to last week's post or episode you know we're right in the middle of our delicious vegan barbecue series, in which I get to teach you some of my favorite plant-based goodies to pop on that grill this summer. Last week we covered vegan meats and marinades, and today it's time for some of my grilling favorites. Those barbecue sides, those perfectly charred veggies and the salads that will round out grilling season. Sides are a thing of beauty and we all know it. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are the perfect proof of that. Sure, we might have loved these holiday gatherings because of the big roast (which of course you can make vegan) at the center of the table, but usually when I ask people what their favorite part of their family's Thanksgiving was, they all mention their grandma's mashed potatoes or their dad's famous sweet potato casserole. Deep down, we're all side dish junkies. Grilling season is the perfect excuse to indulge in such a vice.

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Herby Cilantro Miso Dressing

One of the reasons I always find people give when they start skipping the salad, is the dressing. On the one hand, most of us make the same salad and dressing every single day. They're uninspired, very basic in flavor, and they get boring... fast! Another reason people start skipping salads is the fact that although a salad is possibly the easiest meal to assemble, the making of a good flavorful dressing always makes us skip it. 

This is one of the reasons I always recommend including a salad dressing in your batch cooking session (if you don't know what that is check out our FREE video series here!), and this recipe I'm sharing with you today is one of my favorites. You add everything to a blender, and the result is bright, bold, beautiful and so tasty. Perfect for almost any kind of salad. 

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Boy do I have a lot of things to tell you today. I've had THE most intense 2 weeks since starting Brownble. Why? It all started innocently enough with filming some great little surprises we have in store for you, and it then ended up in a complete tech crisis with the biggest silver lining EVER. It got me thinking about the way we approach problems. They arrive and we try so hard to put everything back the way it was. We almost go crazy with all that resistance to change, and we knock our heads against the wall wondering how we can quickly fix it, completely skipping over the beauty of challenges and pebbles in the road. They are there for a reason, and they are powerful catalysts for change. I'm going to quote one of my idols and my business mentor Marie Forleo and her motto: "Everything is figure-outable". This has become our mantra lately, since starting this blog and our online program has made us into techs, programmers, video editing and sound geeks, entrepreneurs, tax and business lunatics, when in reality we're a vegan cook and a doctor with a very big dream to help people. Boy have we had to channel this feeling that, yes, sometimes we just need to head down into what we like to call "The Brownble Bunker" (more a state of mind than an actual bunker), and figure things out.

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