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Today in our little words series we’re tackling the topic of labels. If you’ve been a reader or a listener of our podcast before, you know we’ve discussed labels (especially as it pertains to veganism and perfectionism) many times. Today though, we’re looking at labels from a wider lens as we’ve just done with patience, excess, change and fear. The idea behind this series is that we use these little words as motivation or mantras to help us on our journey to improving our relationship with food, on our vegan journey, our body image journey, and our general sense of wellness, so things go back to being simple and we are a bit more self aware.

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we use labels on ourselves and place them on others on a regular basis. This can go from the very simple act of referring to ourselves or others as athletic or lazy, as introverts or extroverts, as annoying, smart, nerdy or busybodies, when we say we’re vegan, vegetarian, omnivores or pescatarians, and all the way up to labels that are deeply rooted in society and intertwined with identity, such as being a Christian, Jew, Muslim, or a part of other belief systems or religions. We have labels for sexual orientations, labels for personality traits, labels for our political views, and of course, labels for the way we eat.

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Wellness Detective Work and Your Identity

Last week we talked all about visualization, weight loss, body image and I told you the reasons why my personal visualization is in a beach. Not any beach, but a very specific one due to the fact that it played such an important role in shaping my identity. As I promised last week I'm going to tell you all about it, not just for the sake of going down memory lane, but because it's a little exercise I want you to do too. In doing a little wellness detective work into the moments or places where your true identity was formed, lies a little gold mine that we seldom think about. It's something we simply title "nice childhood memories", and then we put it back in the shoe box with all the old photos and trinkets. Today I want you to dust off that box, leave it wide open until you find some very special tools that will help you find wellness today, wherever you're at in your life, and especially if you're currently going through any bouts of stress, anxiety or turmoil.

You know that our focus here at brownble is mostly on cooking, food and our relationship with food and our bodies, but you've also heard me say it countless times:

When our lives are calm and we reach that place of emotional wellness, all the pieces of our eating puzzle start coming together. We're able to make better choices at the table, and we're also able to set food aside and move on with a day that is filled with other experiences.
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