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Vegan Cheese Fondue!

If there was one favorite recipe I thought I'd never be able to veganize when I decided to go vegan, it was cheese fondue. I'm not Swiss, and yet, growing up in Venezuela, one of our favorite treats as teens who couldn't cook, was to open a box of vegan cheese fondue, rip the little foil packet open with its wonderful aroma of white wine and all that cheesy goodness, melt it, and dip some bread in it. It was such a huge tradition at my house, and my mother in law who wasn't as lazy as I was when it came to fondue, had the perfect recipe for it, using wine, brandy and a whole bunch of cheeses, garlic and of course, a fondue pot and bread for dipping.

When I decided to go vegan I thought I was saying goodbye to this favorite dish of mine, but as it happened with every other dish I've ever had, there was a vegan version ready to be discovered and made... 

...and so I did, and today I'm teaching you how to do it too!

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Spice it Up!: An Introduction to Spices and How to Make your Food Pop with Flavor

It's so strange how such a tiny little ingredient can cause so much overwhelm in the kitchen. If there's one thing I've noticed over the years in people who are beginning to cook, it's the fact that their entire spice cabinet is full, and also expired. 

That's right, endless beautiful jars of dried herbs and spices are full to the brim, and way past their peak. Sometimes we buy one of those spice kits and they simply go unused, sometimes we bought spices that were called for in a recipe, used a quarter teaspoon and then it just stood their in our spice cabinet so sad with the rest of its unused friends.

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