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Plant Based Food Pairings to Help you Improve your Cooking Skills (Part 2)

It's finally time to tackle part 2 of our food pairings series! In part 1, I told you why understanding food pairings plays such a huge role in improving your cooking skills, and it has to do with learning how to look at ingredients and decide to put them together in a recipe. To me, nothing screams freedom as a cook like being able to venture out of tried and true recipes and start creating meals that come from your own creativity and taste preferences. It's a great way to flex your cooking muscle but it's also a fantastic way to help save you time in the kitchen. It helps you lose the fear of cooking, and it takes perfectionism slightly out of the equation, and when that happens, and you're not afraid to experiment, you go into that kitchen with confidence and magical things can come from good ingredients. Food pairings (i.e. foods and flavors that go together really well), are the base for this type of cooking. We went through a pretty big list in part 1 of the series, but today I'm giving you even more in the hopes that this inspires you to come up with some ideas for dishes of your own.

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The Yum Factor: Small Additions to Make your Plant Based Meals More Satisfying through the Wonder of Umami

If you're a fan of this blog, our online program or our videos, I think by now I've convinced you that this idea some people have that vegan food is boring, bland or would come in second place to meat centered diets in a vegan key lime pie eating contest, are just completely false. It's false because any flavor profile you used to love, any dish that was an old time family favorite, they can all be made in their vegan version and be utterly scrumptious. All you need is a good recipe and to start experimenting a bit.

What happens however, with those daily meals, the ones we don't really want to fuss over? The ones we need to get on the table quickly and with which we can't spend a whole lot of time, let alone measure out 10 different ingredients.

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