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Chestnut and Lentil Loaf

There's a scene in the film The Wedding Crashers in which Will Ferrell's character screams to his mother: "maaaaa!!!!! the meatloaf!!!!!". It's a little funny bit we do at our house whenever I make this delicious dish I'm teaching you how to make today. Meatloaf was always a big part of my childhood. My mom would serve it with mashed potatoes, lots of ketchup on the side, green beans, and the leftovers would be made into sandwiches later on which was possibly the best part.

Today I'm teaching you how to make a classic meatloaf without any meat! Animal meat that is, because let me tell you that lentils and the rest of the ingredients in this recipe will give you nothing less than the meatiest meatloaf. Although there are endless ways to make a lentil loaf, today I've done it using chestnuts, which makes this dish perfect for the holiday season, and really good next to any of our gravies or pan sauces, not to mention the simple addition of a little extra ketchup on the side.

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We're so happy to finally be able to share this video with all of our Brownble members. This one is practically magic, since you turn everyday ingredients like lentils, walnuts, mushrooms and other vegetables into the most amazing roast that always knocks people's socks off. I'm seriously obsessed with this recipe and it was so much fun to do all the recipe testing for it since I got to eat it again and again for weeks! Yum! I never get tired of it.

Our very berry glaze is the perfect topping for it and is filled with antioxidants and a ton of flavor. It packs a punch! We love it as a topping for this roast but also on any of our other seitan or roast recipes. It keeps well in the fridge so it's one of those perfect make ahead dishes that will help save you time while you're cooking your holiday meals.

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