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Dinner at Rayen Vegano, quick veggie sautés and homemade nut butters

We're entering Valentine's Day week and all I can think about is the video we'll be posting, perfect for this special occasion. According to Carlos it is the best recipe in our blog or membership program to date. Yup! He actually said that! I still think there are many just as good but I am EXTREMELY excited to share this one with you. I'm mentioning it now only because with recipe testing and filming it this week it should be in here with all the other yummies we had, but I don't want to ruin the surprise! You'll just have to wait until Wednesday when we post it on our youtube channel (and members, you'll have another amazing one coming tomorrow as well!). We did however eat many other delicious vegan meals this week, and here are the highlights, in the hopes that they inspire your meals too!

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