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Mini recipe for the perfect eggplant side dish, how to make quick pickled onions and a burger date with friends

Happy Monday everyone! This week was filled with delicious goodies and a little "spring cleaning" at our house. Yes, we always do our spring cleaning in January to start the year off clutter free. I'm always amazed as to how much of a difference putting things in order makes in my cooking and eating habits. We actually gave our kitchen a total makeover and built a sort of open pantry where all our staples are visible and organized. I can't tell you what a difference this made! I promise I'll have pics for you soon (as well as a little surprise for your kitchen!). Ok, so on to the highlights of what we ate this week in the hopes that it inspires you to create some plant-based dishes of your own! I'm including the steps to make two of my favorite little additions to our meals this week.

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