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Overwhelm City: When Self Care Goes Out the Window and How to Bring it Back

Hey my lovelies! Today we have a very special episode that came straight from the heart early this morning. I thought we’d have a conversation about self care and those moments in life in which we feel so overwhelmed. I wanted to make it an informal, off the cuff chat, so today’s episode won’t have our traditional written format but you can of course join in by clicking play above or listening to the episode through your favorite podcast app.

In today’s episode I talk about:

  • Those moments of absolute overwhelm and stress that just sneak up on us.

  • How self care starts leaving us in stages when we’ve entered overwhelm city.

  • The many aspects of self care that we often forget are important to keep as a precious part of our routine.

  • How things like our eating, joyful movement and our relationship with others gets affected when self care seems to have left the building.

  • and the different stages to bring it back into the picture again, making sure we’re prioritizing our own well being and care.

  • I also give you my favorite 1 minute emergency visualization that helps us step out of a very anxious space and get some breathing room, and much more.

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The Mindfulness Episode!

As I mentioned in last week's post and episode, we received a question from one of our reader's about how my mindfulness practice is going. Since we've been talking about lots of great self care habits and tools like reframing our relationship to exercise, cultivating a better body image, etc., I thought it was the perfect time to give you an update on mindfulness and talk about what this practice is really all about.

Because mindfulness is all about presence, moment to moment awareness, and going with the flow, I didn't want today's episode to be scripted, which means you won't get our usual written version for this post, but we'll have a blast together talking about mindfulness in audio! That means you can listen to the full episode by clicking play above, or download or stream through your podcast app via iTunes or Stitcher

In this episode I'll be sharing lots of personal stories including my struggles with anxiety, how I got started with mindfulness, I tell you all about what mindfulness really is, I bust some myths and misconceptions about the practice, and I tell you all about my practice, how mindfulness has changed me and all of the benefits it has brought into my life. I also talk about how to keep up with the practice, the difference between mindfulness and meditation, whether yoga can count as a mindfulness practice, and how to bring this into your day to day life and why that's the goal, not the practice itself. I'll also be sharing some funny stories about my relationship with time, and much more.

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In My Cocoon

Hello my lovelies! Today we're having another one of our more informal/personal episodes in the podcast. That means we won't have a fully written version of this one, but you'll of course be able to listen to everything in audio format!

If you've been following us on instagram (we're @brownble in case you're not following yet), you probably know by now that we've been up to something. Something BIG! We also went somewhere special to do it, and I've just come back from the most intense two days in brownble history EVER.

In today's episode I'm telling you all about my cocoon, why I need it, and how I made it in spite of not being a cute caterpillar, I discuss the topic of self care, a bit of what we've been up to, and the huge importance of finding your very own internal rhythm and getting to know yourself.

I also get ooey gooey talking about what it's like to work with my partner in crime and in life, and much more.

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Happy Birthday to Me! Birthday Memories and the #1 Lesson Learned this Past Year

Happy April 5th everybody! It's the day that marks the anniversary in which against all odds my mom was rushed to the hospital over a month early because I just had to come out! I was destined to be an early morning riser, and the fact that I was born a little before 6 am marked so many of my birthdays moving forward. Every year, I would set my alarm a little before six, at the exact minute I had made my appearance the year I was born. I would rush to the door, and the same thing would always be waiting for me. My mom had woken up even earlier to make me a birthday cart. Not a birthday card (although there were several of those too), but a birthday cart. We had this little table that had four wheels that we used for when we were having our dinner and a movie nights, or that we used whenever we decided to make a jigsaw puzzle for overachievers and the thing was hanging around there for months. On this little table, in the wee hours of the morning, my mom would arrange all of my favorite things. Birthday cards with cute messages from her, balloons, flowers, cake of course, and all my favorite foods.

The fact that it was breakfast time didn't matter, she would fill it with what at that time (in my pre-vegan days) I would have eaten my weight of, things like apple strudel or apple pastries, cheese puff pastries, smoked salmon, bagels, pickles, slim Jims, strawberry tarts, deli meats. and even sushi! Yup! Weird, but fun birthday breakfast every single year.

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Lessons from a Raisin

There are some moments in my life in which I realize time is just swooshing by. I start waking up wondering how an entire week just went by, how it could possibly be the holidays if we just had them, how in the blink of an eye the summer has come and gone, and in that second, I feel this huge sense of overwhelm. I feel overwhelmed because I quickly notice I’ve entered a slightly old but familiar territory. I’ve been going through my days, checking stuff off my to do lists, and I haven’t been present. It’s one thing to not be present during a busy run of the mill day, but it’s quite another when this starts becoming a pattern and it seeps into those good, simple day to day moments that bring joy to life, like noticing a bird singing away outside your window or sipping the most perfect cup of coffee while everything’s quiet and still. What about on those big, once in a lifetime moments that you’ll never have back like walking the streets of Rome during your first trip to Europe, getting married, standing at the top of the Grand Canyon for the first time? Our lives have become so busy, so dependent on schedules, technology, gadgets, the millions of tasks we have to do every day, that although our lives are filled with more things and activities, we feel we're in this state of not being anywhere.

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3 Steps to Get Back in Tune with your Body's Hunger Signals

The other day as I was following an exercise video and doing some lunges and squats, I found myself completely out of it. I was doing all the motions and I suddenly realized I had been completely daydreaming, thinking about some things I had to do that day, and meanwhile my body was following the video to a tee. I went so outside of my body and into my head that when I came back because the trainer in the video was explaining the next move, I could not for the life of me remember what exercise I had just done. Squats? Tricep dips? Push ups? My body had done them, but I had been running down my list of to do's and had no recollection of any of it.

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The Art of Slowing Down and Why I Fail at this Miserably!

Oh boy, very few weeks of my life have been as intense as this past one, you probably already know why if you've read our last post about the HUGE surprise we had for all of our members and our email subscribers (members, remember to check your email for those special instructions on how to make the move to the new My Brownble platform!), AND so much more is coming! We have a big surprise coming soon for all of you that I'm very excited about, and we have another surprise starting today! You probably already saw it as soon as you clicked on this post, and it's the fact that you can now listen to our blog posts on the go! That's right! You can either read it as usual or listen to the audio recording of it (with my sweet mouse-like voice as my hubby likes to call it!). You can either stream the audio right above here with the audio player, or you can download it, save it on your phone and listen while you're on a long commute, at the gym, walking the dogs or doing laundry! Let me know if you like this new feature! We're starting today but we're backtracking and soon you'll have it in all of our major blog posts. 

All of these super cool new things that have been going on around here meant I was a busy bee all week and needed some serious R&R this weekend.

Here's the problem when you do something you love, and especially when it's online based (a.k.a. your office is everywhere). IT'S SO HARD TO STOP! 

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We've all been there. We wake up in the morning and it takes a few minutes for everything to sink in. Is it Saturday or do I really need to get up? Is it time yet or can I still hit the snooze button for a couple more minutes? As the minutes pass we inevitably start thinking about the day ahead. Those endless lists, those meetings we have to go to, if we need to buy something at the store, who needs to be picked up when, when am I going to squeeze in a workout, projects, deadlines, and just the small things from our routine that need to get done start taking us down a spiral straight into overwhelm city.

It is one thing if we actually enjoy our work, our boss, the projects we're working on, if we love doing laundry and cleaning the house, but what if you're faced with a day, filled with things that are simply raising your stress levels, activities that you know you have to do but that you really don't enjoy. What if you hate your job, feel anxious by the time night arrives just by the prospect of needing to get everything going again the next day? Some of you might be thinking of the prospect of making changes in your life, work or schedule but can't seem to be able to do it at this moment for a number of reasons. We've been so guided by society to think that we just have to take it like a champ, not complain and keep hustling, even if our dreams and desires are slowly wilting down. Suddenly the prospect of having a life you love and you can't wait to get up in the morning for starts withering away. Like a kid who knows he'll be able to play once his homework is done but the homework just keeps coming.

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