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The Importance of Community in a Non-Vegan World (Lessons from a Young Motorcycle Rider)

've become obsessed with this new podcast called Kind World, a show in which they tell very short 8 or 9 minute stories in which people were helped through random little acts of kindness. I listen to it while I walk the dogs in the morning and I tear up every single time! If there's one trait that I value the most in people it's the ability to show kindness to others. This show tells us harrowing tales of grief, loss, fear, struggles, and the people who came along, usually unexpectedly, to provide a little shining light. In the episode I listened to today, a little boy came home to his mom with an injury on his head after a bully at school had slammed his head against a wall.

The boy had been and was being bullied daily at school. At home he would think about being bullied the next day. At night, he would dream about being bullied, and eventually, he started dreaming about ending his own life. Not knowing what to do, his mom enlisted the help of a a man who had a motorcycle club, i.e. a group of friends who would ride their motorcycles together everywhere.

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