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When Life Gives you Lemons: Ramblings on Self Care and Opening Up Time for it + A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!

Today we’re having a little informal conversation in the podcast as a kind of follow up to our Overwhelm City episode in which we discussed self care, the stages in which it leaves us when we’re under stress, and how to bring it back. Today I’m sharing a very big lesson that came to me in the most unexpected situation.

So often we’re under stress and feeling overwhelmed and we know that something’s got to give. We know we need to rest, we know we need to slow down, we know we need a high dose of self care as soon as possible, but we just can’t find the time for it.

Last week something happened to me that forced me to stop on my tracks (almost literally), and find the solution, space and time I had been waiting for.

In the episode I also share a pretty big announcement, something that has us so excited we can hardly stand it!

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If there's one thing new vegans ask frequently in the beginning stages of their journey it's this: is this normal? Is this symptom, situation, or change in my physical or mental state normal? I know this because you have no idea how many things I googled on the first few months of my transition to veganism. We want to know if the tummy rumbles are normal, if the crazy boost of energy is normal, if the constant bathroom trips are normal, and if the crazy change in our tastebuds is normal. Yes, we want to make sure, that no matter how many "radical" changes we make in our diet, we remain our beautiful normal selves. Here's the truth: we don't. Veganism changes so many aspects of your life that it's like you suddenly took the red pill and went down the rabbit hole (any other Matrix fans out there?). We discussed all the physical changes you might be going through in this post, but today we're going to reach a much deeper level when we talk about side effects. We'll discuss what I like to call the three emotional stages of transitioning, all the mental and psychological changes we go through, and how powerful something as seemingly simple as your plate, can create such powerful effects in your life. At the end of the post I'm also going to send you over to our vegan library so you can enjoy some really cool resources to keep you company on your journey.

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