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HUGE Announcement: The Top Secret Project We've been Working on for Ya!

The day that I've been hinting about endlessly has arrived! Long gone are the days in which I tease you mercilessly and tell you about how excited we are feeling about the top secret project we've been working on, or the time I showed you lots of pictures of all the fun we were having at a mystery house in the mountains, or the time I shared how I fell in love with Carlos even more over a wooden table in the middle of a mountain thanks to this little top secret thing we've been working on.

The wait is over my friends! At least the wait to share what it is we've been working on with blood sweat and tears over the past year. 

Are you ready?!


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Brownble's got a Podcast! + Weekly Goodies from our Kitchen Table

This week was a big one around here. If you were spending some time on social media on Sunday, you probably already know that your Brownble posts are up on iTunes as a brand new vegan podcast! We're squealing of excitement. This was a natural progression from what we had been doing, which was adding the audio versions of each blog post so you could sit back and relax while you heard me on your headphones, or you could download them and wash dishes, walk the dogs, drive to work. I know what it's like to be so busy that no matter how much you'd like to sit down and read a post you just can't do it!

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If any of you visited our website yesterday morning you probably saw a little announcement that said something like: "Something BIG is about to happen". If you logged in last night, you probably already noticed that everything looked completely different! That's because, we gave Brownble a total makeover! We gave it a complete new look, easier menus and pages to browse, faster loading time and my favorite thing: direct access to all our posts right from the homepage! We felt giddy with excitement yesterday because the new design feels much more like us and I find it so soothing and welcoming. You can also enjoy our new side bar (yay!) where you can easily join our newsletter, follow us on social media, find popular posts, join My Brownble or search for your favorite categories in the blog to find the posts you're looking for. It's also easier than ever before for you to share our content in your social media accounts with a simple click of a button at the top or bottom of each post! Wait for it...

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There's something about the Holidays that makes me run on all cylinders. This is why I'm so excited to announce that just in time for Christmas, we're not only showering you with the videos for the goodies below (and another one coming tomorrow!), but we've actually created a brand new section in your members only area! We've titled it "Let's chat...", and it will be the place for you and I to sit down and talk for a bit. No kitchen, no ingredients, just a quiet time with me where you can get answers to all your questions, where we talk about healthy eating and living, how to balance the naughty and nice, where I help you lose your fear of the kitchen and take you step by step through making more vegan choices that fill your heart and your palate with joy.

We'll talk about entertaining, kitchen gadgets, ingredients, how to get your kitchen and your life organized, since in my experience all these things have to do with your eating habits and your physical and mental health. We'll talk about making more healthy choices and how to feel our best, and I help you become bff's with food and cooking again. It's basically a place for you and me to tackle the topics that matter to you, and that you need help or support with, no matter where you are along the vegan path (even if you're no where near it!). 

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