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Stuffed Provençal Tomatoes

My mother was the queen of stuffed tomatoes. She had so many recipes for them. Stuffed with meat, rice, beans, you name it she stuffed 'em, but no recipe was as delicious as her Provençal tomatoes. Her version was stuffed with lots of breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, a ton of herbs and garlic, mine is vegan of course, and a total healthy treat.

What I love most about this recipe is that it takes almost no active cooking time, almost all the magic happens in the oven with minimal fuss, it's easy to make a ton for a dinner party AND people think you slaved over this delicious side dish... and no one EVER knows the truth (insert Little Mermaid Ursula laughs here).

When it comes to eating a healthy meal at home, part of the secret to have it be delicious, filling and fun, is to feel like you've made something special, that your plate looks beautiful and like you took your time to make it. This recipe fits all those bills.

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I'm so excited to bring you our latest Q&A video. You asked us your vegan and cooking questions and we're answering some great ones today! Keep on sending them to us and we'll be sure to make a video for you. In today's Q&A we talk about four basic points, one of which is very important if you're starting on your vegan journey or if you're cooking with new ingredients: where can you find things like tofu or tempeh, miso or some of the less common whole grains or natural foods that are so common in vegan diets? We give you our favorite guidelines for finding everything you'll ever need to take your cooking to new heights.

We'll also be covering topics like how to serve all our plates warm at the same time, the differences between nutritional and brewer's yeast, and the perfect substitute for egg wash when you want to add that beautiful golden color to pastries or pies.

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