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Oat Coconut Cranberry Bars with The Nomadic Vegan!

I can't tell you how excited I am about today's video and recipe since we had a very special guest in the Brownble kitchen to film it! It was none other than the top expert in vegan travel out there, Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic VeganThe go to place for anything related to vegan travel tips and how to enjoy the local traditions of any place you go to, try their local specialties while being vegan. I call it the cliffs notes of vegan travel because she quite literally does ALL the homework for you! She tells you what local foods are vegan or can be easily made vegan, she guides you through the spots you just don't want to miss, and she even teaches you the words you need to learn to explain your dietary needs in the local language! I mean... right?!

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One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is what do you eat on a daily basis as a vegan. For me it's a no brainer since I actually have more variety in my diet now than before I was vegan, but I completely understand how this can be a complete mystery to someone eating a standard meat centered diet. I can understand it because I was once that person that thought all vegetarians and vegans ate were beans and rice. Breakfast especially can seem daunting if you are anything like I was, a bacon and egg breakfast eater all the way. Today I'm de-mystifying vegan breakfasts for you, and trust me it's quite possibly the easiest meal to veganize with just a couple of adjustments. It's also a meal in which you'll get to eat vegan versions of your favorites more than you ever thought possible.

If you follow our weekly Monday blog posts From our Kitchen Table, it's likely that you already have a ton of breakfast ideas under your belt. Every week I share what we've been eating the week before in the hopes that it will inspire your cooking, but today I'm giving you 14 amazing breakfast ideas that are healthy, filling and simply delicious, two to choose from for every day of the week!

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Mini recipe for the perfect eggplant side dish, how to make quick pickled onions and a burger date with friends

Happy Monday everyone! This week was filled with delicious goodies and a little "spring cleaning" at our house. Yes, we always do our spring cleaning in January to start the year off clutter free. I'm always amazed as to how much of a difference putting things in order makes in my cooking and eating habits. We actually gave our kitchen a total makeover and built a sort of open pantry where all our staples are visible and organized. I can't tell you what a difference this made! I promise I'll have pics for you soon (as well as a little surprise for your kitchen!). Ok, so on to the highlights of what we ate this week in the hopes that it inspires you to create some plant-based dishes of your own! I'm including the steps to make two of my favorite little additions to our meals this week.

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