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Brownble Turns 2!: A Love Fest, Our Journey, and What We've Been Up To

Happy birthday Brownble! That's right! We just turned 2! We couldn't have done it without you, so these lines today are only to introduce a little message I recorded for you this week, because you truly are the force behind Brownble. Today I wanted to turn this into a total love fest (and you are the smooch recipient of course!). I wanted to tell you what we've been up to, share a bit of this journey and the adventure that is Brownble, give you a very mean teaser of what's coming soon, and of course, lots of behind the scenes pics from this past year.

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Let me start this post off by saying that I haven't slept more than 3 or 4 hours in the past few weeks. I know... bad, bad, bad. I either couldn't sleep because I was up to the wee hours working in front of my computer, or because of plain excitement and daydreaming, either way I didn't sleep. Correction, we didn't sleep! 

We actually dismantled our little Brownble office, set everything up in the dining room table so we could have more space for the biggest change we've gone through since Brownble went live.

I know you've seen our hints about it on social media, but we haven't officially announced it, until we sent each of you a personal email last night. So if you haven't yet, members, CHECK YOUR EMIAL! 

Just in case you're reading this first, here's the big news. Are you ready? Drumroll please!

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Can you feel our excitement? I know I haven't talked about this in the blog, but if you're a member of our online program and you've been logging into your member area in the past few days, you've probably noticed some changes. You now have a new and improved dashboard, new descriptions and search options for your video recipes, new features, a new batch cooking section which is coming soon, an easy access resource and printables section and so much more. The best thing is, this is nothing compared to what's coming in the form of content. We have revamped My Brownble in a way that has made me feel even prouder of this space we share together. We've been slowly bringing new life to our online program so that it can become your go to guide for healthy living. We are such complex individuals, with social, psychological and physical aspects that affect our lives, that Brownble is getting bigger and bigger every day. Not only to give you the most rockin' recipes and kitchen tips, but take you out of the kitchen to a total place of optimal wellness. I don't want to give too much away, but things are about to get crazy cool in here, and that whole process is starting today and will continue to happen and grow every week from now on (we already have over 20 videos just waiting to reach you, and Carlos is editing around the clock to make it happen asap!).

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Something really exciting is happening today in our online program My Brownble. Not only are we cooking up this delicious recipe for seitan satay made completely from scratch with a coconut and peanut sauce, but this was actually a personal request by one of our members. You guessed it! Amy asked us to create a recipe for seitan satay and as usual we delivered. That's one of the great things about having an ongoing program with new content added weekly. I love to get special requests and we worked so hard on this one in its recipe testing stage, that I honestly believe it's one of the best recipes on the site. You can thank Amy for that!

Making seitan from scratch is well worth it, since you can really infuse a ton of flavor into it. You can't even compare it to the store-bought kind. Today we're teaching you how to make it using my favorite technique: braising, and in combination with the veggies and especially the rockin' sauce that goes with it, this really is the perfect, meaty, Asian treat. Plus it's vegan meaty goodness on a stick and that's just plain fun.

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If any of you visited our website yesterday morning you probably saw a little announcement that said something like: "Something BIG is about to happen". If you logged in last night, you probably already noticed that everything looked completely different! That's because, we gave Brownble a total makeover! We gave it a complete new look, easier menus and pages to browse, faster loading time and my favorite thing: direct access to all our posts right from the homepage! We felt giddy with excitement yesterday because the new design feels much more like us and I find it so soothing and welcoming. You can also enjoy our new side bar (yay!) where you can easily join our newsletter, follow us on social media, find popular posts, join My Brownble or search for your favorite categories in the blog to find the posts you're looking for. It's also easier than ever before for you to share our content in your social media accounts with a simple click of a button at the top or bottom of each post! Wait for it...

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