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Helping Moms Get Organized in the Kitchen

Moms surely don't get enough credit for all the work they do. They are professional jugglers, they've mastered the art of developing a figurative third arm, plus a third eye in the back of their head, they can run marathon style or slide to second base in one second flat when their kiddos are headed straight to the pointy corner of the coffee table. They can give and give even when they feel they're running dangerously low on fuel.

Mamas are basically superheroes.

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Transitioning Teens to a Vegan Diet

Today's post and podcast episode is all about teens! There is so much to say when it comes to teenagers and a vegan diet or food habits in general. On the one hand, and I find that this is the most typical, teenagers sometimes make the choice on their own to go vegan and come home to surprise meat-eating mom and dad with the news. A very different scenario happens when a whole family, including its teens, gets inspired and decides to go plant-based together. Another situation occurs when it's the parents who have decided to make this transition into a vegan diet and the teenager of the house is resistant to the change. All of these are important things to talk about, and we will, but just to get it organized, I've decided to do this in parts since these are very different from each other. We can informally call this "the vegan teens series"!

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