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Vegan Cheese Fondue!

If there was one favorite recipe I thought I'd never be able to veganize when I decided to go vegan, it was cheese fondue. I'm not Swiss, and yet, growing up in Venezuela, one of our favorite treats as teens who couldn't cook, was to open a box of vegan cheese fondue, rip the little foil packet open with its wonderful aroma of white wine and all that cheesy goodness, melt it, and dip some bread in it. It was such a huge tradition at my house, and my mother in law who wasn't as lazy as I was when it came to fondue, had the perfect recipe for it, using wine, brandy and a whole bunch of cheeses, garlic and of course, a fondue pot and bread for dipping.

When I decided to go vegan I thought I was saying goodbye to this favorite dish of mine, but as it happened with every other dish I've ever had, there was a vegan version ready to be discovered and made... 

...and so I did, and today I'm teaching you how to do it too!

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Tempeh and Kidney Bean Tortilla Burgers

The minute I tried my first veggie burger I knew that I could go vegan no problem. Burgers have always been my absolute treat, my favorite thing ever. Mostly because of the fun of it. You get to eat them with your hands, you get to choose your favorite toppings and pile them on, they include things like bread, and ketchup, and usually a side of fries... all good things am I right?

I've created several veggie burger recipes over the years and they're always my nemesis. How do you get them chewy but also firm, moist but not have them crumble on you the second you bite into them. There's a little science to getting the perfect veggie burger just right, and today I'm giving you this very simple, high protein recipe that will become a total favorite (it has at our house for sure!).

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If you're anything like me, you're probably constantly making promises to yourself, vowing to make lifestyle changes, setting goals and embarking upon new challenges, especially when it revolves around your health, daily habits and wellness. I get it. I've been there so many times. I love changing things up and making promises to myself to improve certain areas of my life that need a little reboot. I have also stopped mid challenge more times than I can even count, thinking that whatever I had chosen wasn't right for me, or I simply turned a blind eye and let my past habits sneak up on me again. I can tell you this has all happened to me many times over, but I can also tell you that it stopped, and I made it all the way there.

Last year I began a one year challenge that has changed my life in so many ways and has given me such a new perspective on goal setting. That's what the first of our two member videos is all about. I'm sharing my personal experience with you, and what that ride was like, plus my 12 tips for actually accomplishing any challenge you set out for yourself. Whether it's related to your work or studies, health and well-being, going and staying vegan, maintaining a healthy exercise routine, starting a meditation practice, losing weight and so much more. You'll love this video!

Did you think I was going to leave you without a delicious recipe? When does that happen at Brownble? 

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We're getting ready for all those New Year's Eve parties and this week it's going to be all about party yummies! Treats you can pass around or set on a table and everyone can grab and eat as they please. I love these kinds of parties because they're really simple for the host. You don't have to make sure everything gets to the table and hot at the same time, there's much less clean up and there's just something about them. People feel really relaxed and love all the variety of dishes they can dig into. Nothing needs to match or go together. You can serve taquitos next to chocolate fondue or a big bowl of chips and salsa. The sky is the limit with delicious vegan goodies you can serve as party appetizers.

Today we have the perfect duo of naughty and nice (plus another recipe coming tomorrow to our youtube channel!). In the first of today's videos we're teaching you how to make the most traditional party food in Venezuelan cuisine: tequeños. Traditionally these are made with a big stick of cheese wrapped in dough and then fried, but we've completely veganized them and are showing you exactly how to make them at home. They're so good! Carlos and I were both born and raised in Venezuela and these are such a part of our culture there. They're served at every single birthday, anniversary party, wedding, or any kind of celebration where there's food. We had trays and trays served at our wedding. Sadly we weren't vegan back then but now we can have them once again with this recipe. They are "naughty" since they are fried, but you won't care once you've tried them. Once in a while it's ok.

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There's something about the Holidays that makes me run on all cylinders. This is why I'm so excited to announce that just in time for Christmas, we're not only showering you with the videos for the goodies below (and another one coming tomorrow!), but we've actually created a brand new section in your members only area! We've titled it "Let's chat...", and it will be the place for you and I to sit down and talk for a bit. No kitchen, no ingredients, just a quiet time with me where you can get answers to all your questions, where we talk about healthy eating and living, how to balance the naughty and nice, where I help you lose your fear of the kitchen and take you step by step through making more vegan choices that fill your heart and your palate with joy.

We'll talk about entertaining, kitchen gadgets, ingredients, how to get your kitchen and your life organized, since in my experience all these things have to do with your eating habits and your physical and mental health. We'll talk about making more healthy choices and how to feel our best, and I help you become bff's with food and cooking again. It's basically a place for you and me to tackle the topics that matter to you, and that you need help or support with, no matter where you are along the vegan path (even if you're no where near it!). 

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