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How Toppings Helped Me Go Vegan

If I asked you what your favorite type of ice cream was when you were a kid, would you say it was two scoops served in a cup to go? How would you answer that question? Raise your hand if you answered "an ice cream sundae with lots of hot chocolate or caramel fudge on top, chopped nuts, sprinkles, and a cherry", or, if you were anything like me, you may have answered "a banana split with three flavors, chocolate sauce and a ton of whipped cream". Toppings transport us to childhood. They mean that not only are we having something delicious, but also that at a very young age we were able to choose exactly what we wanted. We paid attention to what we were craving, and then it was all about creamy, or crunchy, or tangy, or sweet. It was the toppings that made the whole thing extra fun and enjoyable. It meant my ice cream could be different from your ice cream and that I could make the most whimsical creation that was special. Just for me.

If you've been reading our blog for a while you've probably heard about my childhood fantasy of owning an ice cream shop that only carried one ice cream flavor (chocolate! Hello!), but that had the walls lined with endless rows of toppings.

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Spaghetti a la Caesar

I love hybrids and I'm not just talking about the car. Although many people think it's a culinary cop out to make an existing recipe into something unexpected, I think as cooks it's the chance for our inner child to come out to play.

Who wouldn't love a cinnamon roll cupcake? Or lasagna meatballs? Not to mention sushi burritos, or jackfruit taco-esque temakis. It's just plain fun!

Although I´m all for creating new flavor profiles and recipes that have never been done before, almost everything we create in the kitchen comes from previous things we've made, eaten and loved. We take flavors that go together and make them into something new. This is why whenever we make my crazy Caesar salad with tofu croutons (recipe is in our online program!), Carlos would always say, this sauce would go great on spaghetti.

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Really Simple Vegan Recipes for Beginners

Sometimes I get in my little culinary bubble, filled with new ingredients, experiments in the kitchen, new tools and gadgets I find, and I forget about some of my favorite people on the planet: the newbies.

When you're a teacher you develop a serious love of newbies. It's a clean slate upon which you start building information and techniques and you get to see all the amazing journeys people go through. Newbies are also filled with excitement about learning new things, and they have the perfect balance of being slightly skeptical but also open to learning something new.

Newbies rock, and newbies in the kitchen have something even cooler going for them, and it's the fact that I get to see someone who thought they were hopeless in the kitchen create a delicious dish and eat it with the biggest smile on their face.

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Minha Cozinha, porridge and the magic of smoothies

It's that time of the week again! I have to tell you that I always have this little time together to look forward to on Mondays. It's so nice to sit down and recap, take a look at how and what I've been eating, and even remembering some of those incredible dishes I just seemed to put together but that should go on the "must make a video of this one" list. This week it was all about making recipes from the blog of a dear friend of mine, and we had the most amazing and stress free video shoot this weekend. I can't wait to show you what we filmed. Not only delicious dishes and recipes but new content for our Let's Chat section which is quickly becoming a member favorite! I feel like we're really getting in the groove of the video shoots and now they just go by effortlessly and are so much fun to make. Practice makes perfect as they say! We're nowhere near that, and I always find areas in which we can improve, but now it's relaxing enough that it's just plain fun. I can't wait to show you!

Today however it's all about the plant based goodies so let's get to them! I hope these inspire you for your meals this week, feel free to steal, adapt, tweak and make these your own.

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Fettuccine Alfredo

There is one secret ingredient that everyone wanting to cook more vegan recipes should keep in their pantry: cashews! Cashews are the most magical nut, they're filled with healthy nutrients and here's the kicker... when soaked for a few hours, drained and then blended, you can make the creamiest and most decadent sauces, desserts and even cheeses! 

For today's recipe for fettuccine alfredo, we're relying on these magical little guys to create the creamiest and most flavorful sauce. Keep in mind that cashews are a little sweet in nature, so in order to keep this the savory amazing dish that it is, make sure to use regular onions as opposed to sweet ones, and use a dry white wine (as opposed to other sweeter varieties). 

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