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Full time doggie nurse, recipe testing burgers, healthy chocolate cake and more!

This week was rough to say the least. Our dog Nala woke up in the middle of the night on Thursday completely disoriented, dizzy, throwing up, unable to walk, with her head tilted to one side, and as you can imagine, completely nervous because of what was happening to her. We rushed her to the vet and although we'll know more in the next few days as she continues to recover, we suspect she got something called vestibular disorder which apparently is typical in senior dogs. Imagine having problems in your inner ear that completely mess up your balance and gives you the worst case of vertigo. Poor thing. She's been so sick these past few days and my heart and stomach have been in knots! We stayed home with her every single day, kept her company, gave her all her medications and even had to spoon (and syringe) feed her since she was refusing to eat. Thank goodness everything turned around on Sunday and she woke up so much better! I'´ll keep you posted on how she's doing as she continues to recover. This is why we've been a bit absent from social media these past few days and why some of our meals and pics for this week's recap today are a little simpler than usual. My whole mind, heart and soul were completely on getting Nala better. Yet another example for me of how important being healthy is. When you're sick nothing else matters. Here's the little patient with her dad. This was the day before she really started feeling better. Please keep her in your thoughts so she can make a quick recovery.

Are your ready for our favorites from the past week? I hope these help inspire some of your meals!

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