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If there's one thing new vegans ask frequently in the beginning stages of their journey it's this: is this normal? Is this symptom, situation, or change in my physical or mental state normal? I know this because you have no idea how many things I googled on the first few months of my transition to veganism. We want to know if the tummy rumbles are normal, if the crazy boost of energy is normal, if the constant bathroom trips are normal, and if the crazy change in our tastebuds is normal. Yes, we want to make sure, that no matter how many "radical" changes we make in our diet, we remain our beautiful normal selves. Here's the truth: we don't. Veganism changes so many aspects of your life that it's like you suddenly took the red pill and went down the rabbit hole (any other Matrix fans out there?). We discussed all the physical changes you might be going through in this post, but today we're going to reach a much deeper level when we talk about side effects. We'll discuss what I like to call the three emotional stages of transitioning, all the mental and psychological changes we go through, and how powerful something as seemingly simple as your plate, can create such powerful effects in your life. At the end of the post I'm also going to send you over to our vegan library so you can enjoy some really cool resources to keep you company on your journey.

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As part of our vegan 101 series, where we take you through all the basics regarding vegan diets and making the transition, I thought it was time to talk about those first few days, weeks and months into going vegan. I know that I personally had so many questions regarding some of the physical symptoms I was experiencing when I went vegan, and this is completely understandable. As with any dietary change, we are bound to experience differences in the way we feel especially those first few weeks. Let me be clear that by side effects I'm simply referring to those physical symptoms we might experience as part of the transition. Feelings in our bodies and minds that will soon find their perfect peaceful place of equilibrium (we also take an in depth look at some of the emotional side effects you might experience when going vegan here).

Keep in mind throughout this post that if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed while going vegan, and you’re looking for some support when switching to a vegan diet, we guide you every step of the way in our course called The Roadmap, designed to teach you step-by-step, everything you need to know, from vegan nutrition basics, to the social aspects of being vegan, to cooking, prepping, shopping, travel, food substitutions and so much more.

Here's the deal, if we were to start a low carb diet, a low fat diet or  any "fill in the blank" fad diet, we would probably experience things like headaches, difficulty going to the bathroom, fatigue, and we wouldn't think twice about these symptoms. Why? Because these are what we would call mainstream diets, a.k.a the Barnes and Noble "filling the shelves" diets. We've heard of them on the news, from the neighbor who tried them and lost weight, so we feel confident that these uncomfortable symptoms are nothing to be worried about and they'll pass eventually (or until we give up on the diet as is usually the case).

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