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Vegan Meal Ideas for Picnics and Potlucks

The first flowers officially bloomed in our home this past weekend and that means quite a few things at our house. First, we get to basically move to our terrace from now until October, our favorite part of the house. We also start grilling outside like maniacs. Lastly, it's time to dust off the picnic blankets and plan little excursions with the dogs and of course a delicious vegan picnic.

I've always been a fan of picnics because I love doing anything in a way it's not supposed to be done, a.k.a eating on the floor, and often times delicious goodies with your hands. I love planning the menu, packing it up, and nothing makes me more giddy than the crazy excitement my dogs get the minute they see our picnic bag. They immediately know what's coming even before the leashes come out. It was however when I met Carlos, my husband, and we moved to Spain, that my love of picnics grew exponentially. 

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