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The Top 10 Vegan Potato Recipes Ever!

If I was a food poet (and if that was even a thing!) there is no doubt in my mind that my first poem would be an ode to the potato. Poor spud, it's been so misunderstood, and so vilified thanks to the anti-carb craze that has seeped into our culture these days. In today's post, our very first recipe collection, we're bringing the potato back, because let's face it, few things are as delicious.

Here are some other reasons why potatoes simply rock: they're inexpensive, they're available year round and almost everywhere, they're super simple to make and they're choc-full of potassium (containing more than a banana does!) as well vitamin C, vitamin B6, fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium, antioxidants and even some healthy plant based protein. That's not the only reason to love them though.

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We're getting ready for the Holidays and filming so many yummy recipes for you it was hard to decide what we should get the party started with! This week we posted our PB & J Dot cookie recipe, and today we have these yummies for all our Brownble members! 

These crispy potato latkes are so typical around the holidays, but we tend to have them year round due to the fact that they're beyond scrumptious! I like to serve them topped with non-dairy sour cream, some minced chives, and of course, a little bowl of applesauce for dipping as is tradition.

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