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If you've ever read our weekly Monday series in the blog called "From Our Kitchen Table", you know that I eat a version of oats practically every day of the week, but this was not always the case. Despite always being a kid who ate just about everything, I had a nemesis: oatmeal. I hated oatmeal with a capital H! Partly because I had always tried the one my grandpa made which was completely bland, mushy and just looked plain boring! And let me just say that my grandpa was a total gourmand, but oatmeal was his kryptonite for sure. 

The truth is that oatmeal, or oat porridge as I like to call it now since it doesn't bring back that boring visual of a bowl filled with gray goop, can be absolutely delicious. It all rests on three things, the types of oats you use, the technique you use for cooking them and what you add to that pot, and of course, the toppings. You know me and toppings right? I once used to daydream that I was going to own an ice cream shop that only had one kind of ice cream (chocolate) and 500 options for toppings. Yeah... I love them. This particular recipe I'm sharing today as part of our membership program, is quite literally my perfect porridge, meaning the kind I love and can make over and over again. Plus it's so easy to make you can easily memorize it and just whip it up early in the morning. It only takes 10 minutes to cook!

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Quick Veggie Sauté with Crispy Tofu, Quinoa and Peanut Sauce

I'm so in love with veggie bowls that I think I probably have one every single day for lunch, which is why I love to mix up the flavors and components and have fun with the endless combinations you can make. For those of you who might be new to the concept of a veggie bowl (some people call them vegan bowls, others Buddha bowls), it's basically a plate filled with a nutrient dense and perfect combo of a plant based protein, some vegetables, often the green leafy kind, some whole grains, sometimes a starchy veg like sweet potatoes and a whole food fat source like nuts or seeds, avocados, guacamole, tahini, etc. It's basically a nutritional powerhouse in a bowl, a source of complete protein due to the different components, but mainly it's just amazingly delicious. Today I have an Asian version of a veggie bowl, and yes, you get to drizzle creamy peanut sauce all over it. So good!

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We've got two delicious and super healthy recipes for you today! If you committed to eating more whole plant based foods this January with us, let me just say you're doing great! Today we're giving our members two new videos to continue on this journey, starting with the most tropical and refreshing piña colada smoothie. I love having plant protein rich smoothies at the end of my workouts to fill my body up with goodness and refuel, and this one is definitely one of my favorites and it's so quick to make.

The second video we have for members this week is one of Carlos's favorites as it includes one of his favorite foods on this planet: mushrooms! Mushrooms provide countless health benefits, a delicious meaty texture, and the very ellusive umami flavor which has been proven to really satisfy cravings. Here's why I like them though, they're perfect for stuffing with even more deliciousness! These quinoa stuffed mushrooms are filled with the most flavorful veggies and herbs, and everything is drizzled with a creamy lemony tahini sauce. You won't believe how yummy these are, and perfect if you're trying to have a protein rich meal without too many added starches.

Here's a little sneak peek before we get to them!

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