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Farmer's Market Pasta

Is there anything better than a big bowl of pasta with a ton of chunky sauce with tomatoes and mushrooms, lots of Italian flavors, some of our super simple vegan almond parm, fresh herbs... oh my! I have to tell you that pasta is one of those things that I think I could eat on a daily basis. It's just so satisfying and filled with "stick to your ribs" goodness. This particular pasta recipe came to me one day as I was unpacking the goodies I had bought at the framer's market. Is it only me or are farmer's markets so unbelievably beautiful and special that it's practically a given that you will over shop? I was standing in the kitchen with what seemed to be my weight in tomatoes, and so many mushrooms the drawers of the fridge wouldn't close. It was right then and there, about 6 years ago that I decided to make pasta for lunch that day. Our farmer's market pasta has become a tradition ever since. 

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