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Lessons from a Raisin

There are some moments in my life in which I realize time is just swooshing by. I start waking up wondering how an entire week just went by, how it could possibly be the holidays if we just had them, how in the blink of an eye the summer has come and gone, and in that second, I feel this huge sense of overwhelm. I feel overwhelmed because I quickly notice I’ve entered a slightly old but familiar territory. I’ve been going through my days, checking stuff off my to do lists, and I haven’t been present. It’s one thing to not be present during a busy run of the mill day, but it’s quite another when this starts becoming a pattern and it seeps into those good, simple day to day moments that bring joy to life, like noticing a bird singing away outside your window or sipping the most perfect cup of coffee while everything’s quiet and still. What about on those big, once in a lifetime moments that you’ll never have back like walking the streets of Rome during your first trip to Europe, getting married, standing at the top of the Grand Canyon for the first time? Our lives have become so busy, so dependent on schedules, technology, gadgets, the millions of tasks we have to do every day, that although our lives are filled with more things and activities, we feel we're in this state of not being anywhere.

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