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Chestnut and Lentil Loaf

There's a scene in the film The Wedding Crashers in which Will Ferrell's character screams to his mother: "maaaaa!!!!! the meatloaf!!!!!". It's a little funny bit we do at our house whenever I make this delicious dish I'm teaching you how to make today. Meatloaf was always a big part of my childhood. My mom would serve it with mashed potatoes, lots of ketchup on the side, green beans, and the leftovers would be made into sandwiches later on which was possibly the best part.

Today I'm teaching you how to make a classic meatloaf without any meat! Animal meat that is, because let me tell you that lentils and the rest of the ingredients in this recipe will give you nothing less than the meatiest meatloaf. Although there are endless ways to make a lentil loaf, today I've done it using chestnuts, which makes this dish perfect for the holiday season, and really good next to any of our gravies or pan sauces, not to mention the simple addition of a little extra ketchup on the side.

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Sticky Toffee Date and Sweet Potato Cake

In the beginning this was simply meant to be a vegan version of a traditional English sticky toffee pudding. The more I made versions in our kitchen and tried different ingredients, the more I started falling in love with it and with the process of making it, and it sort of took a life of its own. I love it when that happens! The cake itself is much healthier than the original version, it's refined sugar free, and has only a bit of fat since the sweet potatoes acted not only as a binder but made this the moistest cake ever! We're using maple syrup and cinnamon in the cake too, which makes it the perfect treat for the holiday season. The toffee sauce on top is a whole different matter. We left it as is tradition, with non-dairy butter, heavy non-dairy cream and of course that brown sugar that gives it the perfect molasses taste. Toffee is one of those magical sweet treats, so we're letting it do its thing and we've made the cake much healthier to balance things out.

I'm usually a total chocaholic when it comes to cakes, but this one made all other cakes move over to the sidelines. I just love it and it's so much fun to make. Enjoy the video, recipe and printable below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Pb & j Dot Cookies

Is it just me or does everyone else feel like making cookies the second December hits and we get the first glimpses of the Holidays in action? I used to love making Christmas cookies as a kid with my mom. There's something so special about that smell coming out of the oven, not to mention the utter bliss of eating cookie dough. Especially, when it includes one of my favorite ingredients on this planet, peanut butter. These are so simple to make and you can use a standing mixer to make the process even easier, but a bowl and wooden spoon will also get the job done. These are rustic and so delicious you'll be making batch after batch.

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