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The Nomadic Vegan, homemade seitan sausages with carbonara and vegan brezel

It's that time of the week again in which I get to share our favorite vegan eats and treats from the past week, straight from our kitchen table. This week was especially delicious and fun since I got to meet my favorite vegan travel blogger Wendy Werneth from The Nomadic Vegan. We've become friends over the past few years in the blogging world, but we had never actually met! It was so much fun and exciting to get to meet her in person this weekend, as she stopped by for a flash visit from Geneva. Wendy is a truly amazing person and as sweet as she sounds in her blog. She's travelled to over 97 countries, speaks 6 languages and is married to a fellow teacher who also happens to be one of our most recent My Brownble members. He's cooking up a storm with all of our recipes, and Wendy is such a lucky lady having Nick cook for her. You'll see all the photos below and of course more amazing grub from our very own kitchen to yours. Let's do this thing!

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