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Ode to Asparagus: We Usually Call Him just Gus

After many weeks discussing so many topics, from pre-summer body image, to exercise, music, mindfulness and veganism, I thought it was time that we get back to delicious food! A few months ago I began a series called Ode to Vegetables that I had yet to follow up on. Our first instalment was Ode to Mushrooms, where we talked about their numerous benefits, why they're neither animal nor vegetable, and especially, how to make them shine on the plate.

In the last few weeks though, I've begun to realize that each and every thing I do in the kitchen has a little bit of meaning behind it, and that because I've lived a slightly odd life, I have so many stories that include food but also go beyond it, so moving forward in this series, we'll dive deep into delicious foods and ingredients, not through their properties and flavors alone, but through the very human stories that connect us all, because by now we all know, that food is not just food, it's something deeper, something more meaningful, and it can give us great insight into our lives and the things we value and find joy in.

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