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Brownble's Guide to Smoothies

Let's face it, smoothies are in because we've finally found a way to make adult milkshakes and have them any time of day. For some it's an excuse to have a post workout boost of nutrition, for others it's the ideal meal on the go. For some of us smoothies are all about piling on the veggies to make sure we're getting plenty of greens and other nutrients throughout the day. For me though, although many of these reasons play a part, I love the silky smooth texture, combined with its really cold temperature, and of course, having something sweet yet nutritious. 

Smoothies rock!

If you're like me though, you've settled on one or two that you really love and keep making them over and over again. Today's post and episode is all about mixing things up.

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Minha Cozinha, porridge and the magic of smoothies

It's that time of the week again! I have to tell you that I always have this little time together to look forward to on Mondays. It's so nice to sit down and recap, take a look at how and what I've been eating, and even remembering some of those incredible dishes I just seemed to put together but that should go on the "must make a video of this one" list. This week it was all about making recipes from the blog of a dear friend of mine, and we had the most amazing and stress free video shoot this weekend. I can't wait to show you what we filmed. Not only delicious dishes and recipes but new content for our Let's Chat section which is quickly becoming a member favorite! I feel like we're really getting in the groove of the video shoots and now they just go by effortlessly and are so much fun to make. Practice makes perfect as they say! We're nowhere near that, and I always find areas in which we can improve, but now it's relaxing enough that it's just plain fun. I can't wait to show you!

Today however it's all about the plant based goodies so let's get to them! I hope these inspire you for your meals this week, feel free to steal, adapt, tweak and make these your own.

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