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A trip to snowy mountains and the best dinner ever, by one of our "My Brownble" members!

Some weeks are simply extra special, and this was definitely one of those. We had a long weekend of filming for Brownble ahead, so we deicided to take a little day trip up to the sierra mountains and have a totally fun snow day and some much needed R&R since we've been working non-stop around here. It was also extra special because for the first time since adopting Vega, we would be taking our her to meet snow possibly for the first time in her life. Nala, our eldest pooch, is a snow expert and it's her absolute favorite thing in the world, so we had a pretty good idea that Vega would have a blast too. She went CRAZY! We shot so many videos of her, and you'll get to see some footage soon since I'm sure these will make it into our next Brownble intro. There's something about watching animals jumping and leaping and running with joy that just fills your heart. It was just what I needed. It was a hard day to top, but we finished it with the perfect cherry on top of the cake since one of our My Brownble members and friend, invited us over for dinner, in which we were served the most amazing vegan food. All of that plus more of our vegan food highlights of the past week are what you'll get to see in today's post! Let's get to it, I've got so many amazing photos to show you!

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