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"Othered" and "Othering": Feeling Separate, Distant or Isolated When Going Vegan

After the long and way too fun post and episode we had last week in which I answered a great listener question, we talked all about my favorite books, the three books that have changed my life and our vegan library of resources, I thought today we needed a shorter but inspirational episode. Today we're going to talk about something that's behind so many of our readers' and listeners' concerns or feelings of sadness, anxiety and loneliness some people experience when going vegan. When we get your lovely questions and comments that have to do with the social side of going vegan, we tend to focus on the habits and external tips and tricks (and I sure have many of those to help you with), when it comes to sharing your life with people who aren't vegan. Today however, we're diving in deeper, because the truth is sometimes we need to go below surface level, go deep into the dark waters and shine a little light on what's really going on so we can enjoy the views of the reef down below right?

We've talked about having a non-vegan partner before, and we've covered so many of the social aspects of going vegan, as well as some of the physical and emotional changes we might go through when we go vegan. We haven't talked about how veganism in a way draws an invisible line in the sand. One that is sometimes reaffirmed and dug into deeper, when we look into the ethical aspects of making this change, or we read certain books or listen to certain advocates. This is the line that separates us as vegans from people who aren't vegan, especially our friends and family who haven't decided to join us. 

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Tips for New Vegans

The new year usually comes with new goals, new resolutions and new promises to ourselves. It seems to be an almost universal fact that with the transition of a year, a season, after a birthday, etc., we feel motivated to check back, evaluate and especially change. For me, a few years ago, this meant finally taking slow steps to being vegan. Little did I know that just 17 days into the process I would have made it all the way and have never looked back since. You see, I think we all have this very strong belief that it will be difficult, challenging, scary, that it will have many ups and downs, and that can be true, but it doesn't have to be.

What I actually experienced as that the hardest part was actually jumping on the wagon, I had to be motivated enough to finally say I was going to give it a real try, and then start. Once I decided, once I put a date on the calendar and told my husband I was going to give it a real try, the actual "eating and living vegan" part just flowed. It flowed because I followed the two steps I always tell people to start with, when they want to give veganism a try:

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