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We're getting ready for all those New Year's Eve parties and this week it's going to be all about party yummies! Treats you can pass around or set on a table and everyone can grab and eat as they please. I love these kinds of parties because they're really simple for the host. You don't have to make sure everything gets to the table and hot at the same time, there's much less clean up and there's just something about them. People feel really relaxed and love all the variety of dishes they can dig into. Nothing needs to match or go together. You can serve taquitos next to chocolate fondue or a big bowl of chips and salsa. The sky is the limit with delicious vegan goodies you can serve as party appetizers.

Today we have the perfect duo of naughty and nice (plus another recipe coming tomorrow to our youtube channel!). In the first of today's videos we're teaching you how to make the most traditional party food in Venezuelan cuisine: tequeños. Traditionally these are made with a big stick of cheese wrapped in dough and then fried, but we've completely veganized them and are showing you exactly how to make them at home. They're so good! Carlos and I were both born and raised in Venezuela and these are such a part of our culture there. They're served at every single birthday, anniversary party, wedding, or any kind of celebration where there's food. We had trays and trays served at our wedding. Sadly we weren't vegan back then but now we can have them once again with this recipe. They are "naughty" since they are fried, but you won't care once you've tried them. Once in a while it's ok.

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