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Chickpea flour creations, pasta and perfect burgers

I think this has been the most exciting week since we launched Brownble. Just in case you missed it, I wrote a special Sunday edition post yesterday telling you all about why Brownble looks so different today! Check out that post here so you can read all about the new features, the rockin' sale we're having in our online program, and my favorite, my personal story is now in our About section for you to read. It was so hard to write it, it's something I have never shared in any of my past blogs or posts, and it was even harder to go through my old photos to find pics for the story (yes, baby pictures are included). I'm so glad I did it though, I think every time I revisit the past I understand it better, I can feel the sadness but also the growth and the happy moments of the past also come rushing in. I hope you find inspiration in it and you get to see why I created this space for you and me.

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Quick Fix: Stuffed, Roasted Red Pepper

We're introducing you to our quick fix videos today! Quick fixes are precisely that, quick recipes that require no measuring, which are meant to serve as inspiration for making delicious meals without relying on a strict recipe. Learning how to cook by instinct is so important, and once you've practiced it a bit, you'll even find yourself improving recipes that do need to be measured. I love cooking this way, since it requires far less time due to the fact that there's no measuring and you can let your imagination run wild.

This dish in particular is so easy to make and it's absolutely beautiful! We fill it with any leftover whole grains you may have (I love quinoa or bulgur wheat), some pine nuts or any other nut, and some dried cranberries or raisins. We love adding toppings to it as well, such as marinara sauce or pesto.

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