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Vegan Mac and Cheese Basics

Last week was dedicated to teens who are trying to make more vegan choices or have gone vegan when perhaps their family doesn't want to make this change. It got me thinking about my teenage years and how even when I started cooking, opening a box of mac and cheese and ripping open that cheese powder packet gave me such a thrill. Even though I could already make delicious treats, mac and cheese was one of my favorite foods, and I had an endless supply of the boxed stuff in the pantry. Nowadays you can even find the same boxed equivalent, orange packet and all, in its vegan version, but in case you're like me, and you live in an area where some of these products aren't available, or you simply want to make it at home, today we're having a vegan mac and cheese architecture class!

Yup! Vegan mac and cheese architecture is a thing!

There are so many mac and cheese recipes out there that you can follow to get great results, but you know me and how my teacher brain works. I have to teach you the basics so that you can understand mac and cheese, breathe mac and cheese, cook mac and cheese, love mac and cheese.

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