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HUGE Announcement: The Top Secret Project We've been Working on for Ya!

The day that I've been hinting about endlessly has arrived! Long gone are the days in which I tease you mercilessly and tell you about how excited we are feeling about the top secret project we've been working on, or the time I showed you lots of pictures of all the fun we were having at a mystery house in the mountains, or the time I shared how I fell in love with Carlos even more over a wooden table in the middle of a mountain thanks to this little top secret thing we've been working on.

The wait is over my friends! At least the wait to share what it is we've been working on with blood sweat and tears over the past year. 

Are you ready?!


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Q&A!: Vegan Meat Alternatives, Oil Free and Raw Diets, Tofu for Tofu Haters and More!

Have I mentioned how much I love your questions?! If you were to ask me what my favorite parts about Brownble are, I always tell you the same thing, it's kind of a three way tie between creating new content and videos for you, recording our podcast and connecting with you through your questions and comments. 

Every single day we receive a truckload of emails, comments, questions and stories from you and they're not only inspiring, but they help me help other people who might be struggling with the same issues you're going through. Those questions serve as the perfect reminders of what I also went through when I first went vegan or when I struggled with my relationship with food. I love to gather them up and create these little compilations with some of the most common questions we receive.

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When Switching to a Vegan Diet Feels like a Struggle

Anyone who knows me knows me as an absolute optimist. I'm always cheerful, annoyingly perky sometimes, always smiling, very chatty, but the truth is a little bit different. It's different because with all my positive happy-go-lucky traits I'm also a chronic worrier. Weird combo I know! You know the type right? When it comes to everyone else's problems and issues I'm the go-to person to help you look at the bright side of things, but when it comes to my own, I'm constantly worried about whether I'm doing things right, whether I should be doing more, I worry about the past and the future. This was certainly a trait that made me struggle a lot when I first went vegan.

Yes! I said it!

In spite of all the wonderful things that being vegan has brought into my life, there were certain things I definitely struggled with, and since I'm all about keeping it real at Brownble, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about why we never talk about the hard stuff.

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What I Struggled with when I Became Vegan

After years of helping people transition into a vegan diet. After seeing friends and family go through this change, experiencing my own, and seeing some people stick with it and some people go back to old ways, I can tell you this: no two experiences are alike! There are however certain common threads when it comes to that initial adjustment period, and the rest of the journey itself.

I've told you many times about all the wonderful things I experienced when I went vegan (here and here), I've shared all the physical vegan side effects I went through when I was transitioning, but only now and again have I mentioned the things that were harder for me, because of course no big change comes without its stumbles and lessons learned. Today I wanted to take you down my memory lane and share the things that I personally struggled with.

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Transitioning Teens to a Vegan Diet

Today's post and podcast episode is all about teens! There is so much to say when it comes to teenagers and a vegan diet or food habits in general. On the one hand, and I find that this is the most typical, teenagers sometimes make the choice on their own to go vegan and come home to surprise meat-eating mom and dad with the news. A very different scenario happens when a whole family, including its teens, gets inspired and decides to go plant-based together. Another situation occurs when it's the parents who have decided to make this transition into a vegan diet and the teenager of the house is resistant to the change. All of these are important things to talk about, and we will, but just to get it organized, I've decided to do this in parts since these are very different from each other. We can informally call this "the vegan teens series"!

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I was a total flirt when I started learning about veganism. I would buy books, find products, make a recipe or two, try to commit and then back out when I was invited to a party or went to my favorite burger joint and saw what my friends or hubby were ordering. Pizza was a huge deal for me and it was always my falling off the wagon trigger. The truth is that we think that making the choice to finally go vegan is this huge event, after which you are in or you're out, and this way of thinking about it makes it seem so scary that many people don't end up taking the plunge. If you have been flirting with the idea of going vegan, or perhaps are almost there but keep having setbacks and are not sure if a vegan diet will be right for you, this is the post I want you to read. We'll cover many of those questions you probably have floating around in your head, and we'll uncover the big R's, a.k.a the roadblocks we think are in the middle of the road to being vegan, and that we view as being so big we feel we can't climb or go around them, so we remain stuck.


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If you've read our post on my journey to veganism, you probably know by now that it was not a straight road for me. From the first time I heard someone mention that animals were treated badly in our food system and chose to ignore it, to the day I finally said I would commit to veganism and never looked back, lots of things happened and many years went by. There was however, one pivoting point throughout that entire process, and that was the day I went into a Barnes and Noble right before heading to the airport and boarding a 9 hour flight.

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