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When Life Gives you Lemons: Ramblings on Self Care and Opening Up Time for it + A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!

Today we’re having a little informal conversation in the podcast as a kind of follow up to our Overwhelm City episode in which we discussed self care, the stages in which it leaves us when we’re under stress, and how to bring it back. Today I’m sharing a very big lesson that came to me in the most unexpected situation.

So often we’re under stress and feeling overwhelmed and we know that something’s got to give. We know we need to rest, we know we need to slow down, we know we need a high dose of self care as soon as possible, but we just can’t find the time for it.

Last week something happened to me that forced me to stop on my tracks (almost literally), and find the solution, space and time I had been waiting for.

In the episode I also share a pretty big announcement, something that has us so excited we can hardly stand it!

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First Sneak Peek of "The Roadmap: Going Vegan Made Simple" (The secret project we've been working on!)

Boy are we excited about what we have to show you today.

You're about to get one of the very first sneak peeks into The Roadmap, the vegan online course we've been working on for the past year and which, as you've probably already heard, goes live this fall (2018)!

This has been a wild ride, and we wanted to take you along some behind the scenes footage we shot while filming on location. This is just the first of many little glimpses that you'll get to enjoy while you wait for the launch of the course.

Enjoy a little sneak peek below, and then sign up to make sure you're on the list to be notified as soon as the course is live and receive our early bird special deal!

Ok, now I'm nervous / excited / giddy like a little kid. Here we go!

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The Importance of Community in a Non-Vegan World (Lessons from a Young Motorcycle Rider)

've become obsessed with this new podcast called Kind World, a show in which they tell very short 8 or 9 minute stories in which people were helped through random little acts of kindness. I listen to it while I walk the dogs in the morning and I tear up every single time! If there's one trait that I value the most in people it's the ability to show kindness to others. This show tells us harrowing tales of grief, loss, fear, struggles, and the people who came along, usually unexpectedly, to provide a little shining light. In the episode I listened to today, a little boy came home to his mom with an injury on his head after a bully at school had slammed his head against a wall.

The boy had been and was being bullied daily at school. At home he would think about being bullied the next day. At night, he would dream about being bullied, and eventually, he started dreaming about ending his own life. Not knowing what to do, his mom enlisted the help of a a man who had a motorcycle club, i.e. a group of friends who would ride their motorcycles together everywhere.

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Perfectionism, Veganism and Ex-Vegans

Let me start this off by saying that when it comes to perfectionism, I've got about 2 or 3 masters degrees. By perfectionism of course I mean the pursuit of perfectionism, since this is a horizon-like line that continues to move further away the closer we think we're getting to it. It's an illusion, but for a perfectionist, it just means we need to work a little bit harder if we want to get there. In spite of my advanced career in the pursuit of perfectionism, several things have happened throughout my life, especially in recent years, that have thankfully put me in a state of recovery. By recovery I mean that if there were 12 step program meetings I would surely need to attend for life just to keep it that way. It's work in progress. Not only am I a perfectionist in recovery, but I'm one of those lucky ones that also happens to be an overachiever, and trust me, that is not a good combination.

Here's a look at what my thought process would be in my pre-recovery days:

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Going Vegan and the Importance of Mindset

In today's post and podcast episode, we'll be talking about the importance of mindset when you switch to a vegan diet. For the past year, in which Brownble has really grown, I've been receiving the most incredible comments and emails from you telling me about your motivations, reasons for wanting to make this change, and especially your struggles. It's in that last one where I really love to linger with you and tell you that what you're going through is normal. That it's hard to give up cheese, meat, fish, and eggs. That it's hard to make the change when you're the only vegan you know, and when often times our closest family members and friends don't understand it or support it. That it's hard to go to social situations in the beginning, that it can be a big change trying to assemble meals in a different way than you did before. That it's hard to quiet down that little voice that is second guessing every step of the way, wondering if you're doing it perfectly right. 

I get it.

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January Vlog: A Vegan Birthday and Going Vegan

Happy vegan birthday to me! On January 17th, the day I filmed this vlog, I was celebrating yet another year of being vegan. So much has changed since that first day, and many of you have been along for the ride almost from the beginning if you were readers of my previous blog. 

Being vegan has been such a special experience for me, it has been one of my greatest teachers, and just when I think it's taken me where it had to take me, I turn a corner and get a surprise. I learn more and more each day about cooking, nutrition, about leaving perfectionism behind, about my relationship with food, but mostly it has taught me how to be myself, without apologies and with the highest sense of confidence. Turns out being vegan is so not about the food!

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Tips for New Vegans

The new year usually comes with new goals, new resolutions and new promises to ourselves. It seems to be an almost universal fact that with the transition of a year, a season, after a birthday, etc., we feel motivated to check back, evaluate and especially change. For me, a few years ago, this meant finally taking slow steps to being vegan. Little did I know that just 17 days into the process I would have made it all the way and have never looked back since. You see, I think we all have this very strong belief that it will be difficult, challenging, scary, that it will have many ups and downs, and that can be true, but it doesn't have to be.

What I actually experienced as that the hardest part was actually jumping on the wagon, I had to be motivated enough to finally say I was going to give it a real try, and then start. Once I decided, once I put a date on the calendar and told my husband I was going to give it a real try, the actual "eating and living vegan" part just flowed. It flowed because I followed the two steps I always tell people to start with, when they want to give veganism a try:

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