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How Toppings Helped Me Go Vegan

If I asked you what your favorite type of ice cream was when you were a kid, would you say it was two scoops served in a cup to go? How would you answer that question? Raise your hand if you answered "an ice cream sundae with lots of hot chocolate or caramel fudge on top, chopped nuts, sprinkles, and a cherry", or, if you were anything like me, you may have answered "a banana split with three flavors, chocolate sauce and a ton of whipped cream". Toppings transport us to childhood. They mean that not only are we having something delicious, but also that at a very young age we were able to choose exactly what we wanted. We paid attention to what we were craving, and then it was all about creamy, or crunchy, or tangy, or sweet. It was the toppings that made the whole thing extra fun and enjoyable. It meant my ice cream could be different from your ice cream and that I could make the most whimsical creation that was special. Just for me.

If you've been reading our blog for a while you've probably heard about my childhood fantasy of owning an ice cream shop that only carried one ice cream flavor (chocolate! Hello!), but that had the walls lined with endless rows of toppings.

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Perfectionism, Veganism and Ex-Vegans

Let me start this off by saying that when it comes to perfectionism, I've got about 2 or 3 masters degrees. By perfectionism of course I mean the pursuit of perfectionism, since this is a horizon-like line that continues to move further away the closer we think we're getting to it. It's an illusion, but for a perfectionist, it just means we need to work a little bit harder if we want to get there. In spite of my advanced career in the pursuit of perfectionism, several things have happened throughout my life, especially in recent years, that have thankfully put me in a state of recovery. By recovery I mean that if there were 12 step program meetings I would surely need to attend for life just to keep it that way. It's work in progress. Not only am I a perfectionist in recovery, but I'm one of those lucky ones that also happens to be an overachiever, and trust me, that is not a good combination.

Here's a look at what my thought process would be in my pre-recovery days:

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I was a total flirt when I started learning about veganism. I would buy books, find products, make a recipe or two, try to commit and then back out when I was invited to a party or went to my favorite burger joint and saw what my friends or hubby were ordering. Pizza was a huge deal for me and it was always my falling off the wagon trigger. The truth is that we think that making the choice to finally go vegan is this huge event, after which you are in or you're out, and this way of thinking about it makes it seem so scary that many people don't end up taking the plunge. If you have been flirting with the idea of going vegan, or perhaps are almost there but keep having setbacks and are not sure if a vegan diet will be right for you, this is the post I want you to read. We'll cover many of those questions you probably have floating around in your head, and we'll uncover the big R's, a.k.a the roadblocks we think are in the middle of the road to being vegan, and that we view as being so big we feel we can't climb or go around them, so we remain stuck.


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FROM OUR KITCHEN TABLE: A homemade bakery style breakfast, Halloween burgers and a choco-coma

If you're new to our little Monday blog series "From Our Kitchen Table", we want you to pull up a chair and join us at home, for our favorite vegan eats from the past week. As a way to provide some inspiration for your daily meals, we wanted to share some of the highlights of what we ate this past week. Not only the yummy elaborate recipes we test for our members and youtube channel, but many of those "whip up at the last minute" meals...

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In order for me to present the two incredible women I want you to meet today (aka the hens), I first need to tell you a story about my mother and the trash bags. When I was 15, smack in the middle of those tough teenage years when all you want to do is fit in, my mom offered to take me and all my classmates (16 in total) on a weekend trip to our little beach house. For weeks it was all anyone talked about at school, and for a brief moment...

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