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Vegan Cheese Fondue!

If there was one favorite recipe I thought I'd never be able to veganize when I decided to go vegan, it was cheese fondue. I'm not Swiss, and yet, growing up in Venezuela, one of our favorite treats as teens who couldn't cook, was to open a box of vegan cheese fondue, rip the little foil packet open with its wonderful aroma of white wine and all that cheesy goodness, melt it, and dip some bread in it. It was such a huge tradition at my house, and my mother in law who wasn't as lazy as I was when it came to fondue, had the perfect recipe for it, using wine, brandy and a whole bunch of cheeses, garlic and of course, a fondue pot and bread for dipping.

When I decided to go vegan I thought I was saying goodbye to this favorite dish of mine, but as it happened with every other dish I've ever had, there was a vegan version ready to be discovered and made... 

...and so I did, and today I'm teaching you how to do it too!

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Creamy Cashew and Chive Cheese for a Festive Vegan Cheese Platter

Carlos's grandmother always got her holiday parties started by serving a HUGE cheese ball and having everybody dig in. There's something about that timeless combination of cheese and crackers and cheese and bread that is so simple yet festive, not to mention the fact that it's the easiest party appetizer because you can make it ahead of time, serve it and forget it!

Yes... I said make it. 

We're going to make vegan cheese at home!

One of my favorite cheeses in my pre-vegan days used to be goat cheese, mostly because I loved the texture of it. It held its shape, but it was also creamy and stuck to the roof of your mouth giving you that blissful decadent feeling. The cashew cheese I'm teaching you how to make today is very similar. It holds its shape since we're using agar-agar (a vegetarian gelatin you can find at any supermarket), but it's marvelously creamy and perfect on a cracker. We're also decorating it so it looks super festive, and turning the whole thing into a yummy vegan holiday cheese platter!

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There's something about the Holidays that makes me run on all cylinders. This is why I'm so excited to announce that just in time for Christmas, we're not only showering you with the videos for the goodies below (and another one coming tomorrow!), but we've actually created a brand new section in your members only area! We've titled it "Let's chat...", and it will be the place for you and I to sit down and talk for a bit. No kitchen, no ingredients, just a quiet time with me where you can get answers to all your questions, where we talk about healthy eating and living, how to balance the naughty and nice, where I help you lose your fear of the kitchen and take you step by step through making more vegan choices that fill your heart and your palate with joy.

We'll talk about entertaining, kitchen gadgets, ingredients, how to get your kitchen and your life organized, since in my experience all these things have to do with your eating habits and your physical and mental health. We'll talk about making more healthy choices and how to feel our best, and I help you become bff's with food and cooking again. It's basically a place for you and me to tackle the topics that matter to you, and that you need help or support with, no matter where you are along the vegan path (even if you're no where near it!). 

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