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Making morning pizza toast and diner classics from sandwiches to salads and wraps

If you read last week's from our kitchen table post you know that our little furry baby Nala was a bit under the weather. I can't thank you enough for all your kind words and smooches sent to her! Trust me, she got them all because we wouldn't stop hugging and kissing her. Let me just say, the extra dose of love worked! She is almost completely recovered and back to her usual perky and naughty self. Thank you so much for being there cheering her on. As you can see below, she's already trying to manipulate us into giving her treats, so things are finally back to normal around here (that's her treat stare... very serious and professional).

This week we still had to do a lot of babysitting since she still needed a bit of help eating and moving around, so we were basically in our little bunker, getting all sorts of amazing content ready for you, and of course there was a lot of cooking and eating! Here are some of our favorites from this past week. I hope these inspire some of your meals. I'm especially excited for this week's sweet treat, which we just filmed and is so healthy it's CRAZY. Coming soon!

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