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Ode to the Mushroom

When I was growing up I loved playing the "this or that" game. Someone gave you two options and you had to pick one or the other. "Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?", "spending the day at the beach or in the mountains". Since I'm a very indecisive person, this game was like the ultimate training for me, and I would constantly grill my mom with options she had to pick from. Because of this, I'm constantly drawn to articles titled the top five ways to prepare mac and cheese, or the parts of interviews in which the people I admire say what their favorite animal, fruit, curse word and quote are. I love picking favorites, yet it's so incredibly hard for me! There's one exception though, when it comes to picking a favorite vegetable (that isn't corn on the cob because I mean... NOTHING is better than sweet corn on the cob), I have a quick and easy answer: mushrooms.

We love mushrooms so much that whenever I want to make something Carlos doesn't particularly like, I just douse it with mushrooms. Mushrooms on top of cauliflower, mushrooms on top of a simple green salad, mushrooms on top of vegetable soup. We used to love mushrooms as meat eaters, but when we went vegan, our love of mushrooms grew exponentially. Why? Because mushrooms are the ultimate vegan meat!

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The Yum Factor: Small Additions to Make your Plant Based Meals More Satisfying through the Wonder of Umami

If you're a fan of this blog, our online program or our videos, I think by now I've convinced you that this idea some people have that vegan food is boring, bland or would come in second place to meat centered diets in a vegan key lime pie eating contest, are just completely false. It's false because any flavor profile you used to love, any dish that was an old time family favorite, they can all be made in their vegan version and be utterly scrumptious. All you need is a good recipe and to start experimenting a bit.

What happens however, with those daily meals, the ones we don't really want to fuss over? The ones we need to get on the table quickly and with which we can't spend a whole lot of time, let alone measure out 10 different ingredients.

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15 Vegan Cooking Hacks that will Help you Get Dinner on the Table in 20 Minutes

One of the greatest obstacles I see in people who are thinking about going vegan, or people who are trying to eat healthier and cook more at home, is time. Life has gotten so complicated. We're constantly stretched thin, multitasking and moving from one to do list to the next. Time has become one of the most precious commodities in people's lives. It also happens to be the number one excuse in people's lives.

Yes, it's an excuse. Albeit a valid one, it feels so present, so true to us and it makes us so nervous to have to add additional tasks into our day. This is especially the case when people are new to cooking. We might have seen our moms making these long elaborate meals as kids and we immediately think that's what cooking is.

Yes, I've been known to spend several hours in the kitchen just to make the perfect seitan roast, but that's what I call special cooking. Holiday cooking. It's not what we're going to talk about today. Today we're diving deep into daily cooking, which yes, with a few tricks, can become delicious, effortless and quick!

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