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Vegan Hash Brown Omelet

You know how I feel about my hybrids. I love it when I'm scrolling through Pinterest and I find someone who has created a pie made out of smores, or a cupcake that's a pancake and has coconut bacon on top instead of sprinkles. I love a good cronut, or French Toast made from a Pb and J sandwich. The little kid in me is always excited, because what's better than one of your favorite foods? Well, two of your favorite foods! Enter the hash brown omelet.

I came up with this recipe last week because for once I wasn't craving my usual avocado toast or pb and j toast in the morning. I wanted potatoes and I wanted something savory and then it dawned on me: hash browns, with a vegan omelet batter poured on top, fresh herbs, vegan cheese in the center. Oh boy!

It's ridiculously simple to make, and it will teach you two of the biggest lessons veganism has taught me:  You can make ANYTHING vegan! Followed closely by: always keep chickpea flour in the house!

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