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5 Reasons Why Food Matters that Have Nothing to Do with Nutrition

In this wellness era that we’re currently living in, it can be a bit challenging to be a blogger who talks about the great change that veganism could create in the world, and who also talks about improving your relationship with food, leaving dieting and restriction behind AND also be someone who is a trained cook. We’ll have a post soon in which I’ll talk about which of these aspects of me came first, and which followed, but one thing is for sure, nothing has preceded my love of food and cooking, my passion for ingredients and flavor combinations, or my undying love for reading cookbooks like they were novels in the New York Time’s Bestseller list. If there’s one thing you can be sure I am, and always will be, it’s a cook.

Food is so important to me, it makes up such a huge part of my day, and once upon a time we had an unhealthy relationship, sure, but it was precisely my issues with food that brought me where I am today, and gave me all those big aha! moments that made me understand why food is so important.

I get questions from our readers and listeners almost every single day, and so many revolve around nutrition, weight, and the fear we’ve developed over certain foods. It’s common in this wellness era, and especially within the vegan arena, in which making a switch to a kinder alternative has sometimes gotten mixed up with so many rules of “shoulds” and “shouldn'ts”.

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What I Eat in a Day (Vegan)

I've gotten so many requests for this video I can´t even tell you. I think people are always curious when it comes to how to fill your plate when you eat a vegan diet and rightfully so. If you ate a meat centered diet before going vegan or if you still haven't made this change but are curious about making some more plant based dishes, it can seem like a head scratching moment when you open the fridge, look at your plate and have no idea what to make.

Although I'm constantly sharing some of our meals in the blog and podcast, I thought it was time to show you "a day in my eating life", only this time do it on video! What you'll get to see are the goodies we ate this past Saturday in which we also took a walk with the doggies, went to the farmer's market, did some grilling and of course ate delicious food and brought you along for the ride.

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The Fun Factor: Small Additions for Making your Meals a Total Treat

Two weeks ago we published our post and podcast episode on umami or what I call the "yum" factor. Adding ingredients with certain flavor profiles that can completely elevate the yumminess and heartiness of a dish to new heights, was one of my tips for adding that "yum". Today however, we're talking about another little factor that can really make a difference in your eating, your cooking, and especially in your enjoyment of food. Nowadays there's no lack of posts and articles that all seem to focus on the nitty gritty details of what you should and shouldn't eat on a vegan diet, what I call sub-vegan diets, an intense focus on superfoods, nutrient boosting powders, etc. Food, at least online, is becoming more of a science experiment than the beautiful art form that it is, and since I'm all about going back to basics in the kitchen, I think we need to talk about the love of food and being able to find joy in the process of cooking and eating again.

Hence, the fun factor.

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Vegan "tequeños", yummy Buddha bowls and the sticky toffee cake disaster!

This was such a busy week over here at Brownble, we've been getting a lot of Thanksgiving content ready for you, and if you haven't seen it yet, we've created a Thanksgiving section with all our favorite videos for making this Thanksgiving the most delicious one yet! We have selected our favorites both from our membership program as well as our youtube channel so there is a little something...

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FROM OUR KITCHEN TABLE: A homemade bakery style breakfast, Halloween burgers and a choco-coma

If you're new to our little Monday blog series "From Our Kitchen Table", we want you to pull up a chair and join us at home, for our favorite vegan eats from the past week. As a way to provide some inspiration for your daily meals, we wanted to share some of the highlights of what we ate this past week. Not only the yummy elaborate recipes we test for our members and youtube channel, but many of those "whip up at the last minute" meals...

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