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Mini Q & A!: Feeling Sleepy, Tired, or Simply not Feeling your Best after Going Vegan

This week we have another mini Q&A episode for you. As we’ve done previously, this is meant as a quick resource to answer one or two of the questions you send our way, to hopefully give you some inspiration, motivation and to guide you to the experts in the fields you might need help with. In a way, we’re clearing the clutter and giving you a much simpler take on the situations we go through, whether it’s with improving our relationship with food and our bodies, or going vegan, cooking delicious vegan meals or making more vegan choices.

Today I answer two listener questions regarding that initial transition to eating a vegan diet, and how sometimes we don’t feel our best and we’re not sure what to tweak or how to fill our plates. As usual, I give you our take on some of these issues, and I guide you to some of the very responsible pros and resources that can help you in regards to vegan nutrition. As I’ve said many times before, sometimes the problem relies not on the diet itself, but on our own way of approaching this change, it usually relies on something that isn’t often talked about in vegan circles, the role that too much restriction and a focus on “eating perfectly” can play, and how it can do much more harm than good.

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Easy Meal ideas for When You're Tired of Eating Beans

When I had my first veggie bowl as a vegan I remember thinking “I could eat like this forever, I could never grow tired of eating beans”. I was eating one of my go-to’s, a bowl with brown rice (sometimes millet or quinoa), black beans sautéed with peppers, onions, paprika and tomatoes, pico de gallo salsa and a dollop of guacamole to top everything up. This is still a regular meal for lunch at our house, and I love black beans dearly, but the idea that I could eat beans at every single meal forever and always and never grow tired of them, well, that was an apple of a different color.

Legumes are such an important staple in vegan meals and a fantastic protein source when eating enough of them. For most of us that means 3 servings per day, or a serving at every meal as I like to say. As we get older, or when we’re going through specific life stages, 4 is a great number to strive for. Legumes doesn’t mean beans alone though, peanut butter, soy milk, tofu, tempeh, veggie meats and many other meals made with legumes count, which means you don’t have to have a bean burrito for breakfast, unless you love the idea of course!

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Vegan Teens Series Part 2: "I'm a Vegan Teen in a Non-Vegan Family"

It's finally time for part 2 of our vegan teens series! In part 1 we talked about what can happen when parents decide to go vegan and they have a resistant teenager at home that may not want to start eating this way. I gave you tons of tips for keeping the peace at home, inspiring without relying on the outcome, how to ensure that no matter what you do or your teenager decides to do, that the number one priority is to infuse a sense of "normal" and balance to food and the act of eating. Today though, the parents are not my audience. This post is specifically for you my dear teen! If you then decide to show mom and dad this article in the hopes that they understand what you're going through if they've been resistant, feel welcome to, but this post and podcast episode is for you.

Let me start this off by saying that although I'm in my mid-thirties as I write this, I work with teenagers and I remember being a teenager extremely well. I can say without a doubt, that due to my life circumstances and the fact that very often I was the odd one out (you can read more about my personal story with food here, and my "always feeling like an outsider" story here), my teens were the hardest years of my life (with their amazingly cool moments too!). I know you hear people giving you the speech of how things get more complicated after you become an adult and have responsibilities, work and the like, but let me tell you this: that was NOT my experience.

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Ode to the Mushroom

When I was growing up I loved playing the "this or that" game. Someone gave you two options and you had to pick one or the other. "Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?", "spending the day at the beach or in the mountains". Since I'm a very indecisive person, this game was like the ultimate training for me, and I would constantly grill my mom with options she had to pick from. Because of this, I'm constantly drawn to articles titled the top five ways to prepare mac and cheese, or the parts of interviews in which the people I admire say what their favorite animal, fruit, curse word and quote are. I love picking favorites, yet it's so incredibly hard for me! There's one exception though, when it comes to picking a favorite vegetable (that isn't corn on the cob because I mean... NOTHING is better than sweet corn on the cob), I have a quick and easy answer: mushrooms.

We love mushrooms so much that whenever I want to make something Carlos doesn't particularly like, I just douse it with mushrooms. Mushrooms on top of cauliflower, mushrooms on top of a simple green salad, mushrooms on top of vegetable soup. We used to love mushrooms as meat eaters, but when we went vegan, our love of mushrooms grew exponentially. Why? Because mushrooms are the ultimate vegan meat!

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Getting Enough Iron as a Vegan

Second only to protein, iron is the nutrient we get the most questions about. People are concerned that you can't get enough of this nutrient as a vegan, they wonder what some of the top sources of iron in plant-based foods are, and how to get enough iron as a vegan. Especially pre-menopausal women have shared how they've struggled with maintaining their iron levels, many mention fatigue and getting sick often as vegans (a common symptom of iron deficiency), so we decided to finally make a video dedicated to iron, iron absorption and iron rich vegan foods.

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Tips for New Vegans

The new year usually comes with new goals, new resolutions and new promises to ourselves. It seems to be an almost universal fact that with the transition of a year, a season, after a birthday, etc., we feel motivated to check back, evaluate and especially change. For me, a few years ago, this meant finally taking slow steps to being vegan. Little did I know that just 17 days into the process I would have made it all the way and have never looked back since. You see, I think we all have this very strong belief that it will be difficult, challenging, scary, that it will have many ups and downs, and that can be true, but it doesn't have to be.

What I actually experienced as that the hardest part was actually jumping on the wagon, I had to be motivated enough to finally say I was going to give it a real try, and then start. Once I decided, once I put a date on the calendar and told my husband I was going to give it a real try, the actual "eating and living vegan" part just flowed. It flowed because I followed the two steps I always tell people to start with, when they want to give veganism a try:

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All About Protein!: Recommendations and Top Plant Based Sources of Protein

As vegans we get asked one question again and again: Where do you get your protein? Not only have we all become slightly obsessed with this nutrient, but what's worse (because as it turns out protein is almost magical!), is we have the firm belief that protein equals steak, or protein equals chicken, turkey, fish, milk, eggs. These are certainly high sources of animal-based protein, but just as you have this essential macronutrient in the animal kingdom, you have it in the plant kingdom in so many foods it's ridiculous! Spinach? Sure! Tofu? You bet! Lentils, beans, brown rice, peanut butter, edamame, pumpkin seeds? Can you guess? The answer is yes, yes and yes, and also yes to countless other sources we'll be talking about today.

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