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When Switching to a Vegan Diet Feels like a Struggle

Anyone who knows me knows me as an absolute optimist. I'm always cheerful, annoyingly perky sometimes, always smiling, very chatty, but the truth is a little bit different. It's different because with all my positive happy-go-lucky traits I'm also a chronic worrier. Weird combo I know! You know the type right? When it comes to everyone else's problems and issues I'm the go-to person to help you look at the bright side of things, but when it comes to my own, I'm constantly worried about whether I'm doing things right, whether I should be doing more, I worry about the past and the future. This was certainly a trait that made me struggle a lot when I first went vegan.

Yes! I said it!

In spite of all the wonderful things that being vegan has brought into my life, there were certain things I definitely struggled with, and since I'm all about keeping it real at Brownble, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about why we never talk about the hard stuff.

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Getting Enough Iron as a Vegan

Second only to protein, iron is the nutrient we get the most questions about. People are concerned that you can't get enough of this nutrient as a vegan, they wonder what some of the top sources of iron in plant-based foods are, and how to get enough iron as a vegan. Especially pre-menopausal women have shared how they've struggled with maintaining their iron levels, many mention fatigue and getting sick often as vegans (a common symptom of iron deficiency), so we decided to finally make a video dedicated to iron, iron absorption and iron rich vegan foods.

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