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I was a total flirt when I started learning about veganism. I would buy books, find products, make a recipe or two, try to commit and then back out when I was invited to a party or went to my favorite burger joint and saw what my friends or hubby were ordering. Pizza was a huge deal for me and it was always my falling off the wagon trigger. The truth is that we think that making the choice to finally go vegan is this huge event, after which you are in or you're out, and this way of thinking about it makes it seem so scary that many people don't end up taking the plunge. If you have been flirting with the idea of going vegan, or perhaps are almost there but keep having setbacks and are not sure if a vegan diet will be right for you, this is the post I want you to read. We'll cover many of those questions you probably have floating around in your head, and we'll uncover the big R's, a.k.a the roadblocks we think are in the middle of the road to being vegan, and that we view as being so big we feel we can't climb or go around them, so we remain stuck.


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