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Our Summer Vlog is Here!

Just as we did last year, today we're taking you along a little trip down memory lane to show you what our summer was like!

You'll get to see the doggies swimming and enjoying the sun, lots of delicious vegan food, new vegan restaurants in Madrid which we loved this summer, the best vegan donuts in Madrid, summer music festivals, a tour of our terrace, not to mention, meeting the chorizo man.

We had so much cool stuff and photos to show you that we just had to make a little video!

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Vlog: Behind the Scenes of our FREE Vegan Breakfast and Brunch Classics Course!

As you've probably heard by now, we've created a brand new (and FREE!) online course, in which I teach you how to make breakfast and brunch classics, all in their vegan versions. This was a totally new and exciting adventure for us since it was the first individual course outside of our big kahuna, the online program.

This meant so many new challenges, a whole lot of getting organized, lots of recipe testing and so much we weren't even expecting, that we decided to make a little video showing you some behind the scenes action, of what goes on backstage at Brownble. 

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What I Eat in a Day, Weekday Edition!

Time for another little vlog! Yes I get to show you what I eat in a day, and yes, of course the dogs make their regular appearance! I recently showed you what I eat in a typical Saturday here, but a lot of you have asked me how I get organized with my meals during the week, when we're busier, our schedules are tighter and we don't have a lot of time for cooking.

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20 Things you Probably Didn't Know About Me

On the day we're posting this video and blog post, it's officially my birthday! This week we're going all out with content for both the online program, our youtube channel as well as our podcast, and since so many of you have asked me for a video like this one, I thought my b-day was as good occasion as any.

Just as I've loved getting to know all of you through your heartfelt emails to me which I receive almost daily now and fill my heart up with so much joy (thank you thank you thank you!) and through your awesome comments and questions, you sometimes just get to see the cooking side of me, and you're right, it's SO not fair!

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