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The Mindfulness Episode!

As I mentioned in last week's post and episode, we received a question from one of our reader's about how my mindfulness practice is going. Since we've been talking about lots of great self care habits and tools like reframing our relationship to exercise, cultivating a better body image, etc., I thought it was the perfect time to give you an update on mindfulness and talk about what this practice is really all about.

Because mindfulness is all about presence, moment to moment awareness, and going with the flow, I didn't want today's episode to be scripted, which means you won't get our usual written version for this post, but we'll have a blast together talking about mindfulness in audio! That means you can listen to the full episode by clicking play above, or download or stream through your podcast app via iTunes or Stitcher

In this episode I'll be sharing lots of personal stories including my struggles with anxiety, how I got started with mindfulness, I tell you all about what mindfulness really is, I bust some myths and misconceptions about the practice, and I tell you all about my practice, how mindfulness has changed me and all of the benefits it has brought into my life. I also talk about how to keep up with the practice, the difference between mindfulness and meditation, whether yoga can count as a mindfulness practice, and how to bring this into your day to day life and why that's the goal, not the practice itself. I'll also be sharing some funny stories about my relationship with time, and much more.

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Confessions of a Weird Breakfast Eater: Thoughts on Taste Buds, Desire and Mindfullness

Every morning, when Carlos and I sit at our little breakfast table on the terrace, something happens. As I stare at the toast in front of me ready to decide what to top it with, I can feel a glaring stare. When I look up, even after being together for 17 years at this point, he looks at me like I'm a little alien creature. 

A funny foodie alien.

A sweet and savory alien.

A full-blown breakfast alien.

I smile, take a bite and make exaggerated "yum" noises as I look at him and he smiles. He smiles because he knows by now there's no way around this. He married a weird breakfast eater. I smile because my taste buds are doing a happy dance, because I just gave them exactly the right amount of weirdness they desired.  

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