We are firm believers in the power of paying it forward.


When brownble first popped into our heads, one of the first things we decided on was including a regular contribution to our favorite non-profit organizations, as the cornerstone of our business plan. We can't tell you how many times we've wanted to make a personal contribution to a cause only to get distracted with work or with not knowing who will benefit the most, or which organizations are legit. We're doing all the leg work for you, and even better, we're taking it out of our piece of the pie!

That's right!


A part of all our proceeds from My Brownble go right into the hands (or paws, hooves, wings!) of those who need it the most.

Here are some of the great causes, human and non-human, who will receive the brownble love, all thanks to our wonderful community of members, a.k.a. the brownble family!



Our Hen House


Catskill Animal Sanctuary


Chilis on Wheels


A Well-Fed World


Vegan Outreach


Heartland Farm Sanctuary


People and Animals Rescuing Each Other