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We are on a mission to help you make 'healthy' a permanent lifestyle. Through our blog posts (now in audio format too!), recipes, videos, podcast, our online program and our FREE video series, we're taking you on an amazing journey of cooking with whole foods, finding balance between the delicious treats you love and meals that will take your health to new heights. We start this journey in the kitchen, but Brownble is so much more than just a recipe site (although we've got plenty of those too!). I am on a mission to help you live your most authentic, healthy and beautiful life, improve your relationship with food, and become a total pro at making healthy choices that can really last you a lifetime.

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My Brownble is our signature online program created to help you find, within yourself, those healthy habits that will release you from restriction, dieting and change your relationship to food... for good. We teach you how to create amazing vegan meals, and guide you along a path to self love, body acceptance, and finally feeling empowered when it comes to food. 

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