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The Roadmap: Going Vegan, Made Simple

An online course designed to teach you how to go vegan or make more vegan choices

My Brownble Vegan Cooking & Lifestyle Online Program

We will flood your kitchen with an ever-growing library of cooking videos in the form of recipes, tips, and more, while also giving you support on your vegan journey and in improving your relationship with food, no matter where you are along the way, so food goes back to being simple, fun and delicious.

The Brownble Podcast

New episodes every Thursday, so you can take me with you through your day, guiding you and inspiring you along a journey to make more vegan choices (no matter how you eat right now), giving you support along the way, delicious vegan meal ideas, cooking tips and inspiration, and through all of that, helping you improve your relationship with food and with eating. 

Breakfast & Brunch Classics Online Cooking Course

Learn how to make your favourite breakfast and brunch classics right at home and in their vegan versions. From pancakes, to hash browns, French toast and so much more! 

Our Blog

New posts every week!


Enjoy our favorite recipes straight from our YouTube channel! They include the video, PDF printable, along with your ingredient list and directions.


Brownble Collections: Desserts

We've curated 5 of our most scrumptious desserts in this yummy collection of video recipes. 


Brownble Collections: Main Dishes

We've curated 5 of our most scrumptious main dishes in this yummy collection of video recipes. 

Free Video Series

Enjoy our free series all in video, where we cover some basics to help get you back in the kitchen, cooking delicious vegan meals, we help you get organized, and give you an introduction to a new approach to food and your plate.