Our Favorite Books

Books on going vegan and vegan nutrition

Click the book and go straight to Amazon to read more or purchase! This list features some of our favorites and in no particular order of date, or preference.

The Kind Diet

by Alicia Silverstone

My favorite book on going vegan. This book, and Alicia's kind and understanding words changed my life. Read more about her book in our post on it here.

The 30 Day Vegan Challenge

by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

The perfect ABC 123 guide to transitioning to a vegan diet, by an inspiring and incredible writer.


Vegan for her

by Virginia Messina with Jl Fields

My go-to resource on vegan nutrition for women by my favorite registered dietitian. It introduces the plant plate, a vegan version of the food pyramid (which I literally have framed in my kitchen), and answers every vegan question that concerns health and nutrition on a plant-based diet for women.

The Food Revolution

by John Robbins

An amazing read that tells us all about how a vegan diet can change our health, planet and save animals and why we haven't heard any of this before by health professionals or government. Amazing read!

The Plant Power Way

by Rich Roll and Julie Piatt

Inspiration and practical guidance to help you achieve a plant based diet for the whole family, written by ultra endurance athlete Rich Roll and his wife, and filled with healthy recipes and beautiful photography


How not to die

by Dr. Michael Greger with Gene Stone

Straight from the latest nutritional studies and the guru of vegan nutritional data and research comes a practical guide to what foods we need to be eating on a daily basis to prevent and reverse disease. Featuring his daily dozen of must eat foods!

Vegan for Life

by Jack Norris and Virginia Messina

A great book on vegan nutrition, nutritional requirements and sources and all your nutrient related questions answered by two amazing registered dietitians.

The Book of Veganish

by Kathy Freston

By one of the most approachable and relatable vegan authors, a new guide for young adults to help them make the transition into a vegan diet, with 70 simple and easy to make recipes.

Forks Over Knives

by Gene Stone, Dr. T.Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

The book version of the famous documentary Forks Over Knives (which was partly responsible for making me vegan)

The China Study

by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell

The most comprehensive study on nutrition ever conducted and it's implications for diet and health. 

Mainstreet Vegan

by Victoria Moran

A super relatable and practical book by one of my favorite authors. She takes you by the hand through everything you need to know about vegan diets no matter where you are right now.

Becoming Vegan

by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina

A comprehensive look at transitioning into a vegan diet with a large focus on vegan nutrition by registered dietitians. Also available in its express edition.

Crazy Sexy Diet

by Kris Carr

A beautiful and very special read, written by a cancer thriver who saved her own life through a vegan diet.

Skinny Bitch

by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

A hysterical, potty-mouth filled, fun read that will smack you in the back of the head and make you change your life. There's a ton in the series, including recipe books and guides for a healthy vegan pregnancy.

How to be Vegan

by Elizabeth Castoria

A quick reference guide with lots of infographics with tips, tricks and lots of information on being vegan.

Mind if I order the Cheeseburger? And other questions people ask vegans

by Sherry Colb

The typical questions vegans get asked and their answers. From food to lifestyle, with great insights by a wonderful writer.


by Kathy Freston

A great book to read when you're starting on your vegan path. Written by one of my favorite vegans and a New York Times Bestselling author.

Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows

by Dr. Melanie Joy

An amazing read about the concept of carnism and the psychology behind our habits (why we love some animals but eat others). Am incredible concept and writer.

Eat to Live

by Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Weight loss, health and vegan nutrition from on of the world's top experts on vegan diets. A book that focuses on health, weight loss and nutrition

Diet for a New America

by John Robbins

An oldie but in its latest edition. Responsible for creating and inspiring thousands of vegans around the world


by Brendan Brazier

Vegan nutrition for optimal athletic performance from one of my favorite vegan athletes.

Never Too Late to Go Vegan

by Carol J Adams, Patti Breitman and Virginia Messina MPH, RD

The perfect book for people over 50 who want to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, make it simple, doable and get the best nutrition possible.

Thanking the Monkey

by Karen Dawn

A fun yet very complete look at the way we treat animals and what we can do about it. Written in a fun and illustrated way with Bizarro cartoons filling its pages. Makes for a great coffee table book for any animal activist but is packed with information.

Always too much and never enough

by Jasmin Singer

A memoir by one of the leading vegan activists of our time, and how she went from an overweight non-vegan to the thriving superhero she is today (my words not hers!), and her journey into finding herself through veganism.

Our favorite vegan cookbooks

The Homemade Vegan Pantry

by Miyoko Schinner

Vegan 101

by Heather Bell and Jenny Engel of Spork Foods

Artisan Vegan Cheese

by Miyoko Schinner

Oh She Glows Every Day

by Angela Liddon


by Leilana Two Moons

Food 52 Vegan

by Gena Hamshaw

The Sexy Vegan Cookbook

by Brian L Patton (aka The Sexy Vegan)

The Sexy Vegan's Happy Hour at Home

by Brian L Patton

(aka The Sexy Vegan)

One Dish Vegan

by Robin Robertson

The Taco Cleanse

by Wes Allison and Stephanie Bogdanich

The Kind Diet

by Alicia Silverstone

Deliciously Ella

by Ella Woodward

Isa Does It

by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

The Vegan Table

by Colleen Patrick Goudreau

The Joy of Vegan Baking

by Colleen Patrick Goudreau

Chloe's Kitchen

by Chloe Coscarelli


by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero

We will continue to add more as we encounter them. Feel free to mention all of your favorites in the comments below!